Chocolate is theme for ‘First Friday’


In the spirit of celebrating the 2013 Vevay-Switzerland County Bicentennial, Vevay Main Street has selected First Friday themes so as to remember events from Vevay’s past and commemorate the county’s Swiss heritage.

“Chocolate Walk”, the theme for this February’s First Friday, pays homage to the pioneer Swiss chocolatiers whose inventions and innovations elevated Switzerland to a chocolate supremacy it retains yet today.

Francois-Lois Cailler, after studying the craft of chocolate making in Italy, opened a chocolate factory in Corsier near Vevey Switzerland in 1819. In 1875, Cailler’s son-in-law Daniel Peter developed a solid milk chocolate bar with the assistance of Henri Nestle. The two formed the Nestle Company, and with global marketing, helped to spread the reputation of Swiss chocolate around the world.

Tomorrow (Friday, February 1st), First Friday participants are encouraged to visit local businesses in the historic business district where tickets will be given to those wearing brown or honoring chocolate in some way.

Tickets deposited at the Visitors’ Center before 9 p.m. will be entered in a drawing for a pair of tickets to the “2013 Flair for Wine” (worth $120). The drawing will take place on or before Monday, May 6th.

For more information regarding First Friday activities or participation, contact Michele Thompson, Program Manager, at 427-9406.