Chipman sisters, prince Will become royal family


The Ohio County 4-H Fair is in full swing as the annual event began Thursday, June 26 will climax with the Rotary Livestock at 6 p.m. Friday, July 3 at the Ohio County 4-H Fairgrounds in Rising Sun.

Preliminary fair activities kicked off on Tuesday, June 23 with the royalty contest. The 4-H Fair Princess had given young ladies vie for the opportunity to represent Ohio County 4-H: Olivia Sams, a 3 year member, of the Jazzy Jester’s 4-H Club. When Olivia was asked what she would tell someone to encourage them to join 4-H she answered with “4-H is very fun because you get to go to 4-H camp and help people.”

Kinzie Lageman, a 3 year member of the O3C 4-H club. When Kinzie was asked what skills she has learned from 4-H she replied with “that she has learned about friendships.”

Neveah Mills, a 3 year member of the 03C 4-H Club shared that her favorite 4-H project was photography because “she loves to take pictures and learn how to get the right zoom so that her pictures turn out perfect.”

Lura Little a 5 year member of the Ohio County 4-H Lumberjacks has learned many valuable skills through 4-H like following directions, taking care of others, responsibility and respect.

Riley Chipman a 6 year member of the Jazzy Jesters 4-H Club explained that that the beef heifer project is her favorite 4-H project because she can see the growth and change in her heifers plus she can take them back to the farm in order to have new calves born in the spring.

This year’s Princess will be Riley Chipman. Through her 6 years in 4-H, Riley has learned the valuable skills of hard work, dedication and responsibility. Riley believes that these skills have helped her to take the best care possible of her animals but have also helped her on a daily basis as she fills her time with school and sports.

Will Yauch, the 2015 Ohio County 4-H Fair Prince, is in his fifth year of 4-H and is a part of the Jazzy Jester’s 4-H Club. Will’s favorite 4-H project is Woodworking because it has provided him with some good bonding time with his parents as they work on projects together. Will believes that his most important achievement in 4-H is that he has become more responsible and trusted thanks to the skills he has learned, especially when caring for his animals. Will is looking forward to serving as the Ohio County 4-H Fair prince and continuing to be a role model to younger 4-H members.

This year’s 4-H Fair Queen is Whitney Chipman from the Jazzy Jester’s 4-H Club where she is a 10 year 4-H member who has been active in the livestock barn and junior leaders throughout her 4-H career. When asked what she has learned over her 4-H career, Whitney replied that “the skills she has learned not only help her when it comes to completing projects but also in everyday life.” Finishing what you start and responsibility are two key skills she has learned over the last 10 years. When asked why she wanted to run for the 2015 4-H Fair Queen, Whitney said “that she would like the opportunity to give back to the many people that have helped her through her 4-H career”.

All of the 4-H youth did an excellent job in their interviews where they shared their knowledge of 4-H achievement through the many projects they have completed through their years in the 4-H program as well as personal stories of how the 4-H program has helped them to grow as individuals. For more information on this topic or any other, please contact Shannon Chipman, Purdue Cooperative Extension Educator, HHS/4-H Youth Development, 812-438-3656 or Purdue University, Indiana Counties and U.S. Department of Agriculture cooperating an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Institution.