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Vevay, Indiana
Friday, January 21, 2022

To the Point for 6-7-12

A new study released this week by Feeding America shows that children continue to struggle with hunger in every county in the nation with nearly one in four in Indiana at risk of going hungry.

To the Point for 5-31-12

SUNDAY IS GRADUATION DAY here in Switzerland County. It's a day each year when young men and young women turn their tassels and turn their lives to a new direction. Many will go on to another level of education; others will enter the military; some will go to work.

To the Point for 5-24-12

BE THE PERSON YOU'RE DOG thinks you are.

To the point week of 5-10-12

THERE WAS A LOT to celebrate in Tuesday's primary election here in Switzerland County - but there are also some developing political patterns that could have long term impact on our area.

To the point week of 4-12-12

I'VE BEEN DOING A LOT OF DRIVING lately, and as I drive along, I can't help but let my mind wander to a wide variety of topics concerning Switzerland County - some personal, some public.

To the point week of 4-5-12

THE MONTH OF APRIL seeks to bring awareness to many causes and issues, including autism awareness and others; but the month also seeks to shed light on issues that perhaps most people don't want to talk about.

To the point week of 3-29-12

IT'S ALL JUST 'STUFF'. We have all made that statement about things we own and things we want in the past, but this past Saturday all of that really came home to me.

To the point week of 3-15-12

THERE'S BEEN SOME CONFUSION about the pending closing of Vevay Hill, which is a portion of State Road 56.

To the point week of 3-1-12

WE CALLED HER MAMAW, but her given name was Christine.

To the point week of 2-23-12

FEBRUARY IS ALMOST OVER, but we can't head into March without discussing an important topic that is brought into focus during our shortest month.