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‘To the Point’ for 4/14/05

THE STATE LEGISLATURE continues to try and find ways to take funds from counties with riverboat casinos, and even with some minor victories over the past week, there is still a major war looming on the horizon. It’s a situation that must be addressed, and some tough issues must be faced.

‘To the Point’ for 4/7/2005

NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK will be celebrated all across the country next week, capped off with a special day here next Wednesday, April 13th.

To the Point for 3/31/2005

HERE WE GO again. Unless the Indiana General Assembly pulls some last minute maneuvering, once again Daylight Savings Time will begin early this Sunday morning — and the State of Indiana will again not participate.

To the Point for 3/24/05

THIS IS A CRITICAL TIME in Switzerland County and for other counties along the Ohio River who have a riverboat casino in them.

To the Point for 3/17/05

I HATE THIS DAY. Now I’m one who normally doesn’t get too off course when one day or another rolls along, but today’s a different story.

Today (Thursday) is St. Patrick’s Day — and when your name really is Patrick, you quickly learn to hate March 17th.

To the Point for 3/10/05

THE ISSUE OF SAME SEX MARRIAGE has been a “hot button” topic across this country for the past couple of years. It came to a boiling point in several states during the November election, when ballot issues approving of same sex marriage were defeated overwhelmingly in states; while state constitutional amendments outlawing it were approved by wide margins in other states.

To the Point for 3/3/05

IT LOOKS LIKE WE’LL STILL BE SLOW, thanks to some political wrangling that happened at the Indiana Statehouse this week.

To the Point for 2/24/05

IT’S SOMETHING WE DON’T LIKE to think about, but unfortunately it’s something that even those of us living in small towns and communities need to be more and more aware of.

To the Point for 2/17/05

THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED on certain principles and freedoms, and for better or worse it has been upon those freedoms that this country has become the greatest society in history.

To the Point for 2/10/05

SOMETIMES GRIEF LITERALLY OVERTAKES you. People prepare for the passing of a loved one in many different ways. For some, the process of letting go is a long and painful one; while others seem to move on rather quickly.