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Friday, November 18, 2022

A Stones Throw 6-30-16

Number 14 is retired.

Not number 14 - The number 14.

A Stones Throw 6-23-16

"The lights are on but no one is home."

How many times have we heard someone say these words - or said them ourselves? Perhaps the companion statement is "I think he got hit on the head one too many times."

A Stones Throw 6-16-16

I worry about my grandchildren.

I worry about the America they will inherit. In fact, I worry about the America we have today.

A Stones Throw 6-9-16

I have a couple of thoughts today that at first seem to be not connected - but, they could be.

A Stones Throw 6-2-16

Hi. Shadow here.

Mike wanted to write this week's column so he could thank everyone for their kind words about his and Jade's 50th anniversary and about the return of 'A Stones Throw'. Instead, I asked him to allow me to write one last column.

A Stones Throw 5-26-16

Hi, Shadow here.

It has been almost a year since Mike has written 'A Stones Throw'. I thought it was time for him to start writing again. I told him I would write the first one if he would agree to write more.

A Stones Throw 10-15-15

For the past several weeks, A Stones Throw has become a sporadic column rather than the weekly column it had been for several years. While I would like to say that A Stones Throw will resume to be a weekly series, instead, this will be the last for a while. Both Shadow and I are getting older and need some time to re-energize.

A Stones Throw 9-24-15

I have read several times that there are more than 50,000 homeless veterans and several hundred homeless military dogs. I don't know how accurate this number is, but it really doesn't make any difference. One homeless veteran is one too many.

A Stones Throw 9-17-15

Tom Brady won.

He was totally vindicated when Judge Richard Berman threw out the four-game suspension leveled by the National Football League. And, the National Football League Players Association won their fourth court challenge in a row.

Tom Brady was vindicated. The NFLPA won another court case.

A Stones Throw 8-20-15

Obviously my computer doesn't care about my tendency toward procrastination. It seems like every time I power up my computer just a minute or two before I need it for something important - like an eBay item I am bidding on getting ready to close - I get a "Updating - Do not shut off your computer.