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A Stones Throw 1-24-13

I am looking for investors.

A Stones Throw 1-17-13

I don't know who makes the worst decisions - Congress when deciding on our economic future or the Baseball Writers of America when deciding on players to include in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

A Stones Throw 1-10-13

Black Monday - not Black Friday - Black Monday.

Black Monday is not a day when shoppers look for one last bargain to buy. Instead, Black Monday is the Monday after the final regular season game of the National Football League. Black Monday is the day that 12 teams begin preparation for the NFL playoffs with the ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl.

A Stones Throw 1-3-13

Hi. Shadow here.

Once again, I am confused. I guess that comes with the territory when you are a dog. Anyway, last week I kept hearing Mike and Jade talk about "next year." I know Mike is always talking about "next" year when he talks about the Cubs, but then I started hearing Jade talk about "next" year. I got interested.

So, Monday night I stayed awake watching television, waiting on "next" year.

A Stones Throw 12-27-12

Bloomington South 107, Arlington 2.

Ridiculous? Yes.

A Stones Throw 12-20-12

(Note: This edition is 'A Stones Throw' was scheduled for publication in last week's newspapers. However, due to a printing glitch which duplicated the back page, it was left out. As a result, while this edition discusses actions of "last week," those actions are now a week removed.)

A Stones Throw 12-13-12

Which is it?

The University of Cincinnati went on a roller-coaster ride last weekend that easily rivals the former "Beast" at Kings Island.

A Stones Throw 12-6-12

I think by now most people, regardless of their level of being sports fans, are aware of the tragedy of last Saturday involving Kansas City Chiefs' linebacker Jovan Belcher.

A Stones Throw 11-29-12

I know what you were doing last week.

I know, because I wasn't doing it.

A Stones Throw 11-22-12

Hi. Shadow here.

Mike is too busy to write this week. He told me he had to go on a Twinkie hunt. At first this made me mad. I told him I didn't like to hear all the guns shooting at my dear friends.