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Obituaries for 2/3/05

Obituaries for this week include: Thurmen Roberts, Mark Leap, Harold DeNoon, Jesse White, and Joy Poling.

Obituaries for 1/20/05

Obituaries for the week include: Shawn Gullion-Colen, Donna Bowman, Ruth Tinker, Edward A. Weyrich, Michael Hensley, and Barbara Osborn.

Obituaries for 1/13/05

Obituaries for the week of 1/13/05 include: Alma Cantor, James Lock, Thelma Henderson, Norman Leatherbury, and Mildred Shaffer.

Obituaries for 1/6/2005

Obituaries for the week of 1/6/2005 include: James Gardner, Dorothy Manuel, and William Lewis, Sr.