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Vevay, Indiana
Thursday, December 12, 2019

Greetings from Iraq

To The Editor:

Well we have finally settled in at our new home. Kirkuk, Iraq is where we are stationed, that’s about 60 miles from Iran and 200 miles from Turkey. The city of Kirkuk is just outside the gates.

Nurse-Managed Clinic

To The Editor:

The United Fund of Switzerland County has provided the Switzerland County Nurse-Managed Clinic with a grant of $9,000 to help expand services that we are able to provide for our patients from the county.


Dear Editor:

It is immaterial to me whether you print this letter or not. I read the Reveille about twice a year and it is unlikely I’ll ever know what you choose to do with it, or what your readers’ response is if you do publish it. the letter is short enough and sufficiently concise that I do wish to stipulate that you print it verbatim if you print it at all.


To the Editor:

In response to the allegations that Mike Cooney made in his column in the January 12th issue of the Vevay Newspaper:

The YMCA does make its fitness equipment available to teenagers. Come and check us out.

Our health

To the Editor:

There is no greater need right now than to improve the health of Indiana, and it will take strong leadership. We have that leadership in Governor Daniels, who has proposed to increase the cigarette tax by at least 25 cents.