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Friday, July 19, 2019

Safe Highways?

No one seems to be willing to "properly" discuss a "real" problem developing on our county roads, (especially our state highways).

Fans admired

To the Editor:

I want to compliment Switzerland County Athletic Director Kent Dunning, Principal Derek Marshall, the Switzerland County student-body cheer block, parents of players, and spectators who attended the 2006 boys’ basketball sectional at Southwestern High School for displaying positive sportsmanship during the tournament, but particularly in the championship game.


To the Editor:

To the students of Switzerland County High School:

A few weeks back, my wife and I attended the last regular season girls’ basketball game between Switzerland County and Shawe.

Jail demolition

To the Editor:

Kudos to Bovard and Leap for a job well one-half done.

Raspberries to the county commissioners for their end-run around the historical society and all other constituents with any interest in the old jail.

Court happenings

Dear Editor:

I promised to let the readers know what happened in court and I have been late with my letter. Sorry.

Peace Corps celebrates

Dear Editor:

On March 1st, the Peace Corps will celebrate its 45th year anniversary. Congratulations to the agency, its mission and to the people who continue to make it happen “Peace Corps Volunteers.”

Better communication

To the Editor:

Switzerland County has needlessly lost another piece of its architectural heritage with the demolition of the sheriff’s office. Am I pleased that the stone jail structure was kept? Absolutely. But had the two-story attached brick office building outlived its usefulness? I don’t think so.

Military recruitment

To the Editor:

I am writing to voice my concern about military recruiting in our public schools. While I support the troops and the rights of a volunteer military, I do not support institutionalizing involuntary recruitment practices. The No Child Left Behind Legislation automatically gives the military the right to take any students’ private information without any form of parental permission or notification.

New adventures

To the Editor:

(Editor’s Note: Following is a letter Lucille Weales of Vevay received from her former neighbors, Chris and Tina Fuller, from their new home in Alaska.)

New enterprise

To the Editor:

Wanted: People to invest their time and energy starting a local, lower power FM radio station, dedicated to questioning authority. “Talk and listen radio.”