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Know the facts

To the Editor:

Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social Security (FICA) Program. He promised:

1. That participation in the Program would be completely voluntary.

License plates

To the Editor:

Part of the work and service of the Switzerland County Historical Society is to answer a variety of requests we receive through the mail.

Horse power

To the Editor:

I would like to thank a previous letter writer for pointing out the fact that speed kills. God bless you for thinking of others first. I know you are really trying to point out the fact that you and countless other like minded people wish to show no consideration for others, let alone respect.

Deeply sorry

To the Editor:

My previous Letter to the Editor was not meant to hurt anyone, only to discuss public safety and to protect “buggies” from other forms of travel on State Road 56 and State Road 129.

Drive responsibly

To the Editor:

When there are real problems we need real solutions. What can we do to promote safe highways? Speed limits are guides. What is safe at 55 mph in good weather in daylight, with good road conditions, is far too fast at night, especially during inclement weather.

What’s the issue?

To the Editor:

We are writing regarding a letter in the March 23rd edition (Safe Highways?). The letter from Mt. Sterling refers to, “. . . Wagons with slow moving horses in our roadways...” (and a growing number of bicycles). The letter ends with, “. . . If this issue concerns you or your family, help solve this problem.”

Road congestion

To the Editor:

I agree with Abe Hall that our county roads have become increasingly congested, but I disagree as to the source of it. Our roads have become clogged with drivers who think that the potential speed of their vehicle gives them more of a right to their destination than others .

Remembering a friend

Dear Editor:

I would like to take a moment to remember Kenneth L. Russell, Jr., who tragically passed away Saturday, March 11th, 2006.

Child Abuse

Dear Editor:

April is "National Child Abuse Prevention Month." Sadly there are children in our own community who are victims of child abuse.

Safe Highways?

No one seems to be willing to "properly" discuss a "real" problem developing on our county roads, (especially our state highways).