42.1 F
Vevay, Indiana
Saturday, December 4, 2021

Florence News 3-15-12

We are sending our prayers out for Betty Griswold. Sorry to hear you are not well and hope you recover soon. I have been pretty sick too for the last week and it's no fun.

Markland News 3-15-12

Hello friends, how has your week been treating you? Mine has been kind of lousy; got sick last Sunday and am still sick.

Allensville News 3-15-12

Betty Mishler and Ruth Lohide were in Madison on Thursday, March 8th, for Betty's eye appointment.

Florence News 3-8-12

In all of my 76 years I was never in such a storm scene as last Friday. I was at work at the Switzerland County Visitors Center at Belterra when we were instructed to go to the lower levels away from windows.

Markland News 3-8-12

Hey guys, you remember those 'war' stories about 'sleep deprivation' being used as torture - well I am here to tell you, it probably worked. It is a good thing I am not rich because if I were, I would probably be in the market for an 'assassin'.

Bennington News 3-8-12

I won't have any news this week and do apologize for the lack of news recently. I have been having medical problems and have been in the hospital recently.

Markland News 3-1-12

Hello friends, hope you are keeping warm, as Mom used to say, "It colder than a well-digger's fanny in the Klondike" out here on the Pike, as I am writing this.

Allensville News 3-1-12

Carolyn and Ruth Lohide attended the Madison District Council Meeting held on February 13th at Jennings County Library in North Vernon. 

Florence News 3-1-12

Betty Hargrove, Peggy and Darrell Stoll, Linda Jones, P. J. Jones, Davy and Patty Leap went to Anderson for the funeral service for Billy Leap.

Tapps Ridge News 2-23-12

Hello, friends.

February is half over, Valentine's Day has come and gone, and the Easter candy is already in the stores. But all in all we have had a great winter so far.