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Vevay, Indiana
Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Markland News 6-7-12

Hello friends, can you believe we are already in the sixth month of 2012, half way through the year; I told you time was flying by on a jet engine.

Allensville News 6-7-12

Ruth Lohide recently returned from a vacation in Arizona with her son Steve and family. While there it was very hot but climbed to 113 degrees after she left. Quite a change from the rain and 50+ degrees when returning to Indiana.

Florence News 6-7-12

The American Cancer Society Relay will be Friday evening at Ogle Park. Hope to see you there.

Patriot News 6-7-12

Saturday, May 26th, the Patriot Alumni Association had it's annual dinner and meeting with 130 members and guests in attendance. The Guy Harris Scholarship was presented to Leann Lozier, granddaughter of Estal Lozier, class of 1951.

Bennington News 5-31-12

Hope you folks have a lot of time to read for I have a lot of news to catch up on.

Patriot News 5-31-12

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I want to wish Kobe Chatham a happy belated birthday. Kobe turned 12 on May 17th. He celebrated with a party thrown by his mom, Kassi Houze, and Glenn Bovard. I also want to say happy 2nd birthday to Kole Kelly on June 6th. He will be celebrating with a party on June 2nd.

Markland News 5-31-12

Hello friends, hope your week has gone well and that you are happily anticipating some fun over the holiday.

Florence News 5-31-12

I was really sorry to read about Molly Buttons.

We had a good Relay meeting Thursday evening. It seems to be shaping up well. The churches are being asked to bring cupcakes or tea or lemonade for the Survivor Dinner on June 8th at the Switzerland County High School cafeteria.

Markland News 5-24-12

Hello friends, hope you have had a good week; it has been lovely out here on the Pike. Have you noticed how prolific, and loud, the 'bird song' has been lately? The birds are so noisy, you can barely hear yourself think . . . good thing I don't do much thinking.

Florence News 5-24-12

The American Cancer Society Relay 2012 will have a meeting Thursday evening, May 24th, at the Water Works Building on Seminary Street in Vevay at 6 p.m. It will be bank night so bring any money you have to turn in.