19.4 F
Vevay, Indiana
Monday, January 24, 2022

Markland News 3-22-12

Hey gang, it looks like I am going to live after all; for a while there I kind of thought I might not. Coming back into the land of the living, so to speak, feels like I am coming out of hibernation.

Tapps Ridge News 3-22-12

Happy St. Patrick's Day. It's March Madness around our house. I'm sure my bracket looks like most others. That's why they call it March Madness. "Go IU."

Florence News 3-22-12

The Hoosier Theater had a full house Friday and Saturday nights for the play "The Trial of the Wicked Witch" put on by the Switzerland County High School Drama Club under the direction of Miss Swetland.

Florence News 3-15-12

We are sending our prayers out for Betty Griswold. Sorry to hear you are not well and hope you recover soon. I have been pretty sick too for the last week and it's no fun.

Markland News 3-15-12

Hello friends, how has your week been treating you? Mine has been kind of lousy; got sick last Sunday and am still sick.

Allensville News 3-15-12

Betty Mishler and Ruth Lohide were in Madison on Thursday, March 8th, for Betty's eye appointment.

Florence News 3-8-12

In all of my 76 years I was never in such a storm scene as last Friday. I was at work at the Switzerland County Visitors Center at Belterra when we were instructed to go to the lower levels away from windows.

Markland News 3-8-12

Hey guys, you remember those 'war' stories about 'sleep deprivation' being used as torture - well I am here to tell you, it probably worked. It is a good thing I am not rich because if I were, I would probably be in the market for an 'assassin'.

Bennington News 3-8-12

I won't have any news this week and do apologize for the lack of news recently. I have been having medical problems and have been in the hospital recently.

Markland News 3-1-12

Hello friends, hope you are keeping warm, as Mom used to say, "It colder than a well-digger's fanny in the Klondike" out here on the Pike, as I am writing this.