Carlee Boggs meets ‘Brady Bunch’ stars at King’s Island


Sing along:

Here’s the story,

of a lovely lady,

who was bringing up three very lovely girls….

For generations of children and television fans in general, “The Brady Bunch” television show brings back fond memories of growing up with brothers and sisters and a more simple time.

For six-year old Carlee Boggs, who’s parents, Mark and Lee Ann Boggs, weren’t even born yet when the show went off the air in 1974, it’s still a great way to spend some leisure time.

“We watch it all the time,” Carlee said while standing behind the couch in the family living room. “We have all of them. We have all the case of them. I love them.”

Her love for the show peaked her interest when her parents heard that a Cincinnati Christian radio station was offering the chance to meet three of the original cast members: Barry Williams, who played oldest son Greg; Christopher Knight, who played middle son Peter; and Cindy Olsen, who portrayed youngest daughter, Cindy.

The trio of actors was returning to the King’s Island Amusement Park near Cincinnati, where the show had taped a special episode in the early 1970s. The radio station asked listeners to make a video of them singing one of the show’s songs and upload it to ‘Facebook’.

The video with the most votes would get the star of the song the opportunity to meet the three ‘Brady Bunch’ stars at King’s Island, and the opportunity to ride ‘The Racer’ roller coaster with them.

“Daddy made the video,” Carlee said, still standing behind the couch and pointing at Mark. “I sang the ‘Brady Bunch’ theme song and ‘Sha-na-na-na-na’ song.”

The video was a big hit, as hundreds of members of the Switzerland County community rallied to vote for Carlee and her video; and “shares” were passed around Facebook asking others to vote, as well.

After all the votes were counted, Carlee’s video got the most votes, and this past Sunday she and her parents, along with little sister Claire and Carlee’s friend Brelynn Justice, were on their way to King’s Island for the big event.

“When we found out that I won, Sheila wanted my autograph,” Carlee smiled when talking about Sheila Gault.

The family was asked to arrive early, getting in before the park officially opened. Along with Carlee and her family, there were also about 16 other winners from various contests around the area also offering the same prize.

“After we got our ride tickets we had to walk to the roller coaster,” Carlee offered. “Daddy had to ride the roller coaster, because I was too little.”

Mark Boggs said that the three Brady stars were waiting on the group at the roller coaster, and the whole group got to ride ‘The Racer’ twice with them – except for “Cindy”, who only took one ride.”

“Cindy didn’t like it,” Carlee smiled. “She said she wanted to get off.”

But it was plenty for Carlee, who says she watches the show every night, stating that she likes all of the shows equally rather than picking a favorite.

She says that the episode where ‘Alice’ falls in the dunking tank makes her laugh a lot; and she really doesn’t have a favorite character, along she dressed like ‘Cindy’ for the video.

And her favorite part?

“Meeting the Bradys,” Carlee said. “Greg still looked the same. He still had the black, curly hair.”

- Pat Lanman


Mark and Lee Ann Boggs said that they and Carlee would like to thank all of the people of the community who took the time to get online and vote for Carlee’s video and make this very special day a reality for her.