Caleb Valentine becomes Troop 605’s 27th Eagle Scout

    Caleb Valentine became the 27th member of the Troop 605 Eagle Scout Court on Honor n Sunday, April 22 at the Ohio County Senior Center.


    Caleb Valentine became the 27th member of the Troop 605 Eagle Scout Court on Honor n Sunday, April 22 at the Ohio County Senior Center.

    The first eagle scout was Stewart Whitlock on June 1, 1929. Cleo Baker was honored on June 1, 1931.

    Mason J. Uhlmansiek was eagle scout in 1961 and was in attendance with his sons Mark (eagle scout 1985) and Maury (1986).

   Other eagle scouts have been Glen Wright (1963), Stephen Licking (1966), Carl Wigal (1976), Kevin Thies (1985), Travis Gilmour (1993), Brandon Alwin (2000), Ben Ramsey (2000), Chris Macku (2001), Joey Sattler (2001), Kevin Macku (2003), Adam Arce (2007), Frank Mitchell (2008), Daniel Baltz (2009), Justin Jaworski (2011), Kyle Grome (2011), Peter Ramsey (2012), David Chanley (2012), Jonathan Baltz (2013), Ryan Bushorn (2014), and Adam Bushorn (2018).

Caleb Valentine pins his grandmother Karen McNaughton.

    Valentine easily made the 11 required merit badges with a total of 21.

    A part of his requirement was a project. He constructed 10 bat houses for the Siekman Environmental Park and Ohio County Fairgrounds. Valentine thanked Ryan Friend for use of his bobcat, trailer and his time when original plans fell through.

   He thanked PG Gentrup for support throughout his career and his help in funding the project.

    Simon Terpening, an eagle scout from Pack 721 in Madison, was in Scout 700 with Caleb. He presented the white eagle badge symbolizing living with honor, the blue eagle badge for loyalty and the red eagle badge for courage. Other traits of the eagle scout are being cheerful and service.

   Also taking part in the ceremony were committee chair Madonna Ledford, advanced chair Charlie Mattingly, and First Class Scout Bobby Bailey.

    Committee member Mike Macku spoke during Caleb’s walk on his trail of honor.

   Among those honored who helped Caleb during his career were Bobbie Bruns, Mason Uhlmansiek,Sue Bovard and Armand Arce along with Ray Bruce, Ken Alwin and Mike Macku.

    Scout leader Ken Alwin had Valentine and other eagle scouts reaffirm the eagle scout code.

    Caleb escorted his parents, David and Teresa Valentine, to the stage where they exchanged pins.

    American Legion Post #59 Commander Roger Hilligoss presented a Good Citizenship certificate. The legion is the Boys Scout program sponsor.

    The legion color guard, under direction of Bill Parks, presented and retired colors.

    Current troop members include Bobby Bailey, Adam Bushorn, Logan Diltz, Cyrus McComas, Bryce Rowekamp, Kameron Saylor, Samual Smeeks, Duncan Uhlmansiek, Blaze Wallace and Jacob Young.

   Adult leaders include Ken Alwin, Armand Arce, Ray Bruce, Melanie Bushorn, Roger Hilligoss, Madona Ledford, Mike Macku, Charlie Mattingly, Moses McComas, Dwight Mondary, Casey Smeeks, Mark and Shawna Uhlmansiek, Mason Uhlmansiek, David and Teresa Valentine and Gena Young.

Scoutmaster Ken Alwin of Rising Sun Troop #605 has Caleb Valentine repeat the Eagle Scout pledge. Past Eagle Scouts joined in renewing the oath. Other Eagle Scouts in attendance were Adam Bushorn, Simon Terpening, MAury Uhlmansiek, Mark Dugan, Mark Uhlmansiek and Mason J. Uhlmansiek.