Business Park access


To The Editor:

I found it humorous in your recent article about the projected purchase and outlook on the Industrial Park that it was pointed out when talking about access to it, that the new highway being finished in Kentucky would connect directly into the Markland Dam bridge and make the industrial park readily accessible to an interstate highway.

I guess we have to depend on the “Good Ole Boys” from Kentucky for our roads.

Although the roads in the county are being nicely paved, about the only vehicles that can feel fairly safe when passing each other in opposite directions are Amish buggies. I always consider it an adventure driving on highway 56 to and from Madison, especially when a semi or dump truck is coming from the other direction riding the yellow line.

I agree with one councilman on the so-called “Not on the drawing board Highway 101”, which would give access to Interstate 74 and be convenient to Interstate 275. I don’t think the business they wish to attract will be interested in the county until you can promise it easy access to the interstates and an airport that will accommodate at the minimum small business jets within 30 minutes of the park.

Don Witt,