Bright flash of light seen on Friday night


Did you see the bright, flash of light?

Fans returning from Friday night’s girls basketball game at Madison saw it.

County residents out and about for the evening saw it, too.

There was even a report that it was seen as far away as Lexington, Kentucky.

Did you see it?

Last Friday night the sky exploded with a bright blue light that could be seen for miles. The blue light occurred at approximately 10:20 p.m.

Neighbors started calling neighbors, friends were texting and people logged on to the social network to try to find out what happened. There were some comments that it came from the Kentucky Utilities Generating Plant in Ghent, Kentucky.

On Monday, contact was made with the Cliff Feltham, spokesperson for Kentucky Utilities, and he confirmed that the problem came from the plant.

Feltham explained that a switch in the substation went bad, causing an arc which shut down Unit One. Fortunately there were no employees around the area, so there were no injuries.

The substation is south of the power plant, so no physical damage was done to the plant.

The switch was repaired and the outage only lasted over the week end. Electric power went on as usual from the other units.

- Rosemary Bovard