Brian Morton, Danny Hehe, Craig Bond are commissioner winners


The November race for the two County Commissioners seats came into focus after Tuesday’s primary election.

Incumbent Republican Brian Morton will now face off against Democratic challenger Danny Hehe in District One; while incumbent Democrat Craig Bond is unopposed in District Two in November after defeating challenger Earl Holmes on Tuesday.

In the District One race, Brian Morton was unopposed in the primary, and with no contested races on the Republican ticket, there were only 293 Republican ballots – 4.3-percent of registered party members – cast.

Brian Morton received 251 votes on Tuesday.

The Democratic primary saw a tight race between Danny Hehe and Robert Martin. After all 12 precincts were tallied, Danny Hehe won the nomination by a 1,150-743 vote.

Winning 60.75-percent of the vote county wide, Danny Hehe won Cotton I by a 136-64 total; Cotton II by a 66-28 total; Jefferson I by a 174-79 count; Jefferson II 201-145; Jefferson III 73-63; Pleasant I 29-23; Pleasant II 89-62; Posey I 95-51; Posey II by a close 73-70 total; and York by a 138-63 margin.

Robert Martin won Craig I by a total of 47-42; and also won Craig II by a 48-34 count.


In District Two, Craig Bond defeated Earl Holmes county wide by a total of 1,159-736.

Craig Bond won 10 of the county’s 12 precincts: Cotton I 107-92; Craig I 54-31; Jefferson I 176-71; Jefferson II 216-115; Jefferson III 86-55; Pleasant I 30-22; Pleasant II 81-64; Posey I 111-42; Posey II 101-58; and York 108-95.

Earl Holmes won Craig II by a 44-42 margin; and the candidates tied in Cotton II, with each receiving 47 votes.