Boy Scout Sebastian Mathis earns Eagle Scout rank


Sebastian Mathis, a recent Rising Sun High School graduate and member of Boy Scout Troop #700 based in Patriot, recently earned the highest rank in the scouting – Eagle Scout.

Sebastian Mathis began his career in scouting as a Cub Scout early in his elementary school years but was only involved for a couple of years. At the age of 15, Sebastian Mathis decided to get back into scouting because he liked the outdoors and activities and also wanted the challenge of becoming an Eagle Scout.

He joined a newly-formed Boy Scout troop #700 in Patriot; and after going to a first meeting and discussing his goals with the Troop Master Dave McCarty and Troop Chairman Chris Oatman, they worked out a very intense schedule that had to be followed for him to complete all requirements in a little over two years.

Sebastian Mathis competed his requirements for the Eagle rank and passed his final board of review on July 21st of this year – one day before the deadline of his 18th birthday.

The final requirement and most lengthy part to become an Eagle Scout is the Eagle Project.

The project must be helpful to any school, any church or the community.

Sebastian Mathis choose to design and build cat condos for the Ohio County Animal Shelter, where he has volunteered for over two years. The previous cages used to house the cats and kittens were causing health problems with the animals.

There were almost 130 hours of work on his project, with half of that being Sebastian’s. He started in December 2013 and was completed in May of this year.

During the project, Sebastian Mathis had to make a rough draft; final draft; compile a list of building supplies and material; list the types of tools and equipment to be used; and who would use them.

He also had to develop a safety plan for the project in case of injury and put adults in charge of certain tasks due to the safety concerns with power tools.

Sebastian Mathis went to some local vendors to ask for assistance and donations for his project. One of the main providers which was very eager to assist and donate material and supplies was Valley Supply in Rising Sun.

Several of the Scouts from Troop #700 volunteered to help Sebastian Mathis on the project. Also, his father, mother and brother also helped him measure, cut, sand, prime, paint, and assemble the three cat condos. There were a few wood working tools Sebastian’s father didn’t have and a neighbor Mike Taylor was more than delighted to help by showing how to use the tools that he lent them for the project.

Sebastian Mathis took one of the completed boxes down to the shelter for final approval and everyone there was very pleased with the new habitat for the cats.

The late Jeff Crosby was very excited to have the new enclosure and said the animals would be much happier and healthy while staying with the shelter. Unfortunately Jeff passed before Sebastian was able to deliver the remaining two condos.

Sebastian Mathis was at the shelter one day and a gentleman came in for a visit and asked where they had purchased the enclosures. When he found out that Sebastian had built them he was complemented on how they looked professionally built.

Sebastian Mathis would like to thank all of those in the community who directly and indirectly helped with his project, making it a successful Eagle Project and a well needed amenity for the Ohio County Animal Shelter.