Board of Works: Pool expenses examined


The Rising Sun Board of Works met for its April meeting, and among the items discussed were repairs and upkeep to the city swimming pool, and the hiring of summer workers.

Mayor April Hautman presented figures that the pool lost $90,000. However, Clerk Treasurer Rae Gipson noted that it was not over budget but actually $75,000 under budget. The pool is not a moneymaker, Gipson added.

Employee expenses amounted to $65,401 with $11,587.57 for concession stand food. Another $18,000 in pool operating expense plus $31,961.24 in utilities made total cost of $127,492.53 according to expense sheet prepared by administrative assistant Dee Dee Brown. Income of $36,587.50 was received from admission and concession sales.

There was an additional $4,485 approved for a city pool liner which includes replacement of 17 underwater lights. The pool is scheduled to open May 23rd.


– The Board of Works also approved the hiring of three part time summer workers.

Tim Adams, Lynn Armstrong and Nick Levi were approved at $12 per hour.

– Street superintendent Paul Bovard told the board that the street department filled holes on Industrial Access Drive after the Rising Sun Regional Foundation declined any funding for paving.

– Morris Landscaping had the low bid of $6,762 to do city landscaping.

- Fish Spawning is holding Phase 4 riverfront project construction until June 30th but should not affect this year’s regatta. As for fireworks, they could be moved back to the school.

– Rudi’s LLC has submitted a bid of $19,000 for putting in and taking out the docks. Discussion was held about the city and county putting money in the port authority and sharing the cost of the docks.

– A claim of $511.15 was presented for motor work at the fountain.