‘Blue Jeans’ symphony set for Saturday at the pavilion


What do Blues Jeans and orchestras have in common?

Combine the two for a great event.

‘Blue Jeans’ is a melodramatic play by Joseph Arthur that opened in New York City in 1890 to great popularity. The sensation of the play is a scene where the unconscious hero is placed on a board approaching a huge buzz saw in a sawmill, which became one of the most dramatic and imitated scenes ever (eventually to the point of cliché).

The play remained popular for decades, and was made into a popular silent film in 1917. Joseph Arthur was a Rising Sun native.

This play sparked hometown pride years ago and was remembered annually with the local, Blues Jeans Festival.

Virgil Neaman, a Rising Sun hobby historian, has kept the memory alive through the not-for-profit group, Blues Jeans, Inc. The organization’s mission is to support, benefit, and promote local folklore, heritage and history of Rising Sun/Ohio County through arts, music and fine arts.

The Blue Jeans board has been awarded a grant by the Ohio County Community Foundation to have the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra play at the end of Rising Sun’s Main Street under the pavilion on the riverfront on Saturday, August 8th at 6 p.m.

The orchestra will perform a light, pops-oriented program featuring a selection of show tunes, waltzes, and patriotic marches to delight the whole family.

The Blues Jeans board wishes to keep the memory alive of this local creative talent, Joseph Arthur and his play Blue Jeans by bringing fine musical art to Rising Sun. They felt this musical endeavor of fine arts would be an honorable celebration and treat for all.

If there happens to be weather that would dampen this experience, the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra will perform at the Ohio County Fairgrounds under the cover of the big barns.