Bennington News


It’s Monday morning and the big snow storm has not gotten here yet. We just have a light cover on the ground right now so maybe it will miss us.

I spoke with my sister Dorothy’s nurse Gail at Swiss Villa yesterday and she said she got married 39 years ago and there was a food of snow on the ground on March 24th. She said she hoped history did not repeat itself last night, at least until she got home from work.

Ben Bovard spent Friday night with his Aunt Carla and family and Carla and Elijah took him to the show in Madison. On Sunday afternoon he flew to Florida to spend the week with his grandparents, Gary and Terri Roberts.

The Slawson Cemetery Association will meet at Glo Asbury’s home on April 2nd, at 6:30 p.m. Anyone interested please try to attend. Donations are needed for upkeep.

A 90th birthday celebration was held Saturday evening at Troy Christian Church in Troy, Ohio for Fern Metcalf. Those attending from here were Paul and Sandy Caplinger, John and Holly Keeton and Mary Linville, her daughter Rebecca of Madison, Wisconsin. Two of her nieces from Florida who are the daughters of Charles Linville also attended.

Fern requested that folks give canned goods to her church instead of personal gifts to her which was a very Christian thing for her to do. Her birthday will help needy folks out. France Weaver is Fern’s sister and was unable to attend due to health problems. About 150 guests attended the birthday celebration but the birthday girl Fern was unable to attend as she came down with pneumonia. Many of the guests went on to see her at the Troy Rehab Center where she is a resident.

Here is Fern Metcalf’s address: Troy Rehab Center, 572 Cresent Dr., Troy, OH 45373.

Carolyn Morton fell at the home of her daughter, Twinkle Jessup, Sunday and broke some ribs. Carolyn, you are in our prayers. I know this is a very painful problem.

I was so sorry to hear about Travis and Kati (Jester) Reed’s house burning over the weekend. A fire is a terrible thing and it is so much worse when you have small children. I am just happy no one was injured. I hope everyone is generous and helps this young couple out.

Happy birthday goes out to Glo Asbury, Bob Griswold, Norman Earls and Mary Earls all in March.

Glo spent her birthday with her son and family in Independence, Kentucky.

Bob’s family came and brough the birthday supper which was very nice as I didn’t have to cook. I just made a cake. Those attending were Kevin and Miranda McBride and sons, Nathen and Chase, Steve and Rita Griswold and Bob’s daughter.

I can’t forget to wish Tom Conroy, Carol Ann Sublet and Allan Bear a happy birthday. We missed you Carol Ann and Zee at the sale Friday night.

Allan Bear is enjoying a vacation in Florida this week.

Caleb Bovard left Sunday morning for Canada where his company is doing a welding job.

Carol Madison has been very sick and in Dearborn County Hospital. She returned home over the weekend but has many health problems. Please keep her and Bill in your prayers.

Glo and Jack Asbury and Sue Purcell received word their cousin Anne Thomas of Indianapolis had passed away on Saturday. Anne was the daughter of Raymond and Elsie McMakin who lived here in the Bennington area many years ago. Anne fell three weeks ago and struck her head and went into a coma. Glo, Jack and Sue attended her funeral on Wednesday. My deepest sympathy to all her family.

Steve Lyons is taking his chemotherapy treatments and doing really well. Bob and I have not been down to see him as I had a very bad cold and coud not be around him but I check with Teresa every day to see how he is doing.

Teresa is watching every little thing about him – his temperature, what he eats, his weight, and so on. Steve is just doing so good. We are all so thankful for his progres. God surely answers prayers.

My other son-in-law Rick Van Norstran has gone through cancer surgery and has gotten a good report each time he has gone for a checkup which was just last week.

I am thankful for these two strong young men in our family whom we all love very much.

Get well thoughts and prayers for John and Paulina Scudder and Chauncey Slack.

Eugene Scudder will be taking his last chemotherapy treatment here very soon and his mom told me the doctor cannot believe how well he is doing and isn’t that just wonderful.

Eugene’s kids were home with him over the weekend and he baked a turkey and a cake for dinner and said it didn’t even make him tired. (Brian and Kelli and the two boys.)

Sam Schwartz was telling me all of his children have been very sick with fever and colds which they just can’t seem to get rid of.

Rita Griswold had surgery on her shoulder last week and is pretty miserable. It is her left one and as she is left handed it makes for a very hard time for her. She was telling me her mom Estene Leap who is 90 years old drove herself to the doctor the other day. Good for you, Estene. Estene missed her old friend Mavis McAllister a lot.

I was happy to have my granddaughter Kelsey Bovard attend church with Bob and me on Sunday.

Glo Asbury had checkups in Lawrenceburg and Cincinnati last week and got a good report from all of them. Daisy and Delanie Swanson went with her one day.

Glenn and Kasi Bovard, Carla Van Norstran and Mark and Charity Robbins spent the day Saturday in Kentucky at the race track.

Little Kole spent the day and night with Grandma Linda. Glenn and Kassi went and got him on Sunday and enjoyed dinner at Grandma Linda’s.

Rosemary Bovard has a little dog named Lucy and last week Lucy became very sick and for a couple of days we didn’t know if she was going to make it. Let me tell you I did not know what we were going to do with Rosie if she lost her dog but all’s well that ends well and Lucy is her same little self again and Rosie is happy.

Happy Easter to everyone and please remember what the season is about and attend the church of your choice.

There will be Good Friday services at Vevay United Methodist Church.