Bennington News 5-3-12


Happy Birthday to Jeremy Robinson and Jack Asbury.

James and Amanda Asbury and sons Bryce and Gage were supper guests of Glo Asbury Sunday evening. Jack Asbury and his son-in-law Jake stopped by.

Get well wishes to Marsha Roeschlein who recently underwent open heart surgery.

Thank you to Jack Asbury for plowing our garden and to Steve Lyons for tilling it.

When Steve finished our garden he went over and tilled our neighor’s and the little kids were so excited watching the tractor they were all talking at once.

Little Harper Hicks spent Saturday with Carla Van Norstran and Carla brought her up to see Bob and me.

Scott Bough of Bedford, Indiana came and went turkey hunting with Glenn Bovard but they didn’t do any good.

Elijah Van Norstran, Jeremy Robinson and Kevin McBride each got a turkey.

Chauncey Slack is having some health problems and last Thursday evening Bill Madison and his group went to Chauncey’s home and played music for him which he enjoyed very much.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Mary Peelman and to my good friend Juanita Scudder Chatham who is her sister.

Happy birthday Juanita and get to feeling better. After all you are only 39.

Congratulations to Joe Brady for reaching his 50th year as a Mason. There was a celebration honoring him held on Saturday.

Bob and I went to Moorefield last Wednesday and voted and it was different using the machine but it semed very easy to me. I wanted to be the first one to vote for my son-in-law Steve Lyons but I got to talking outside and Tom Conroy beat me to the machine. That’s okay Tom.

Bill Carpenter and Pam Peters called on Bob and Betty Griswold Friday. It was so nice to see them. Pam is one of my special people.

Rosemary Bovard called on Rick and Carla Van Norstran Sunday evening and brought chicken and homemade noodles.

Dick Bovard of Rising Sun (Carl Bovard’s youngest brother) had very serious back surgery in Cincinnati on Wednesday. He is at home improving.