Bennington News


I was under the weather for a few days and did not get any news written but Carla helped me out one week which was nice of her, but wouldn’t you know she left some people from the Christmas guests who were a t Steve and Teresa’s house, so I am going to put them in this week after all. It’s bad to forget to put your family in. They were Glenn and Kelsey Bovard and Dusty Carfield.

I send my deepest sympathy and love to my grandson-in-law, Jason Hicks at the sudden death of his cousin Kevin who passed away Sunday night in his sleep. He w as only 36 years old. Please keep this family in your prayers.

We were all very sad when we heard the news that Atlee and Emma Schwartz had lost their newborn baby boy. Our prayers are with you.

Danny Covington was home for the holidays from China and also enjoyed his birthday along with his daughters and son-in-law from New York.

I send get well wishes out to John Gary Welch who got his fingers caught in a piece of farm machinery and was taken to the hospital in Louisville. I haven’t heard anymore regarding the accident.

Daisy Swanson has been a painful problem with pain under her ribcage. She has been to the ER in Madison but still hasn’t found what the problem is.

Happy Birthday to Bill Madison and John Scudder./

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Bill and Carol Madison – 35 years.

Happy Birthday this week to Carl Bovard, Harriet Bovard and Rick Van Norstran and Steve Lyons.

A fond Birthday remembrance of my brother Junior Morris who would have been 84 on the 8th of January. I miss him a lot.

Well, speaking of birhdays, there were two young people in the county who got a big surprise for their special days when they were talked into going to Mo’s Saturday evening for dinner and everyone was there to greet them with a big surprise party, food and a band. Doug Brown and Kelli Jester who by now are the big 50. May you two have another happy 50 years.

Our whole family is very proud of Brittany Roeschlein for being chosen employee of the month at her job at Rising Star Casino.

Happy Birthday to my little great-granddaughter Harper Hicks who turned two on January 4th.

James and Amanda Asbury and sons came Saturday to spend the night with Grandma Glo and ride their four wheelers.

Carol Madison is showing some improvement with the medicine she is now taking.

Glenn Bovard had his annual trap shoot on New Year’s Day and this year he served his wieners on wheels. He sure knows how to cook a hot dog. We were sorry we didn’t get there early enough to see Bruce Hutcherson. Steve Lyons was the lucky winner of the gun given away this year.

Elma Schwartz and Rebecca Zook called on Betty Griswold on the first of the week and I was sure glad to see them.

Pat Sebree has been having a lot of pain with her back after falling off a chair.

Juanita Scudder is still wearing a cast on her arm which she broke. She will be seeing the doctor next week.

My Aunt Myrtle Ritchie’s arm is better now after taking therapy, having injured it playing cornhole.

We enjoyed Paul Leive and Carolyn Baldwin and the group who played with them at Swiss Villa. I forgot the name of the group and also Carolyn’s name after she married her husband who is deceased. Old age is sneaking up on me.