Bennington News 4-20-17


What a wonderful birthday I had. Glenn and Kassi Bovard had a ranger ride for me first, then we came back to Glenn’s and had a cook out. Thanks to Kassi and Laurie Peters for the food and birthday cake and my great granddaughter Whitney Robinson for the cupcakes.

After we finished eating we went down to Glenn’s cabin, and Glenn and Jamie Peters had beautiful fireworks. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening I will cherish. I had 276 birthday wishes on Facebook and I read every one of them. It’s wonderful to have so many friends. Thank you to everyone.

While in Madison the other day I saw Denny and Mary Lou Bowman. I haven’t them in a number of years and they both look great. They said they had spent the winter in Florida. I sure was glad to see them.

Clarence and Donnie Blodgett were dinner guests of Martha Blodgett on Easter.

Glo Asbury and Jack Asbury were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gray on Saturday for Easter. Rick and Carla Van Norstran hosted an Easter dinner for their families. Carla and Brittany treated the kids with an Easter egg hunt after lunch.

Jack Asbury is doing really good from his knee surgery.

Kassi Bovard attended Concord Church with her mom Linda on Easter Sunday.

Irene Martin spent the Easter holiday with her daughter Patsy Eves and families.

Welcome James Gregory to Bennington. He just recently moved here.

Get better wishes to Wayne Carlton, who is a patient at Swiss Villa Nursing Home.

Glo Asbury woke up Easter morning with a virus, so her plans were canceled to spend the day with her family.

At the bottom of Shell Hill on Bennington Pike there has been a beautiful flag pole erected with an American flag with a light on it. This is on Ken Booker Road and is in memory of the young man who gave his life in Iraq for his country. As you pass this may you pause and remember what he gave for his country and for you and me. Thank you Ken Booker, and may you rest in peace.

Beulah Morris had a surprise 91st birthday at the home of Gary and Judy Rayls on April 8th.

Those who attended were: Tammy and Jared Henry and friend Ruth, Gerald McClure and Michelle Austin, George and Marilyn Reed, Nancy Adams, Karrie Rayls and family.

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