Bennington News 4-19-12


You know the old song “It’s Been a Long Long Time?” Well, that’s the way it’s been with my news.

Things are better with me since I was taken off some medicine.

April 15th was my birthday and I was overwhelmed with all the nice things which were done for me.

First thing, Bob brought me my breakfast in bed, then we attended church and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. Bill Madison played a special song for me which is one of my favorite ones, “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” and Cathy Covington had my other favorite one “I Believe on a Hill Called Mt. Calvary.”

We then went to Peggy and Tony Catanzaro’s home in Vevay for brunch which was wonderful. Thanks to Tony, Peggy and Teresa and Steve Lyons.

Ida Catanzaro and Betty League were also guests along with my great-granddaughters, Emma and Harper.

I attended Vevay High School with Betty League and met Ida 35 years ago when she stopped in my office while on a visit from her home in New York and asked me if I could find her a job. I did not find her a job but I found a friend for life.

From Vevay Bob and I went to my daughter Rosemary’s garden shop and spent a few hours and then to Carl and Harriet Bovard’s home where Harriet served us homemade German chocolate cake.

Then it was back to Rosemary’s house for a wonderful steak dinner and from there we went to Swiss Villa to see my sister Dorothy Rowlett for a while.

By then it was time to head home when my phone rang and it was Glenn saying w here in the world have you been today mom. We have been up to your house three times and could not find you. I said well it’s like this, I have been celebrating my birthday since early morning.

Needless to say we left Swiss Villa and I told Bob I want to stop and see Glenn and Kelsey before we go home.

After spending an hour with them we came home at 9:45 and there on my doorstep was a beautiful cake and cards from Lori and Hailey Sains. What a day.

I received 41 birthday greetings on Facebook from all over the U.S. plus one from Dusty Alford in China (the country) and one from Carlsbad, New Mexico and I had nine calls waiting on my phone when we arrived home.

There is a wonderful couple by the name of Mike and Mary Clevinger who own a cottage up the road from Rosemary. They spend a lot of weekends there. Well Mike likes to bake and he brought me the most wonderful cake for my birthday this weekend. As they are not from Switzerland County it w as quite an experience for them to find their way to Bennington coming the detour way. Thanks, Mike and Mary.

Last weekend which was Rosemary’s birthday, Mike made her a carrot cake.

To my kids I say thank you so much for the wonderful birthday gifts you gave me and to all the wonderful people who remembered me on my day.

I cannot ever tell you how much it meant to hear from all of you. May God bless you. I love everyone of you.

I hope I have not bored you folks with my birthday news but wanted to share it with everyone.

One of the proudest children in Switzeland County on Monday was little Ben Bovard Roberts when he and three other little boys at Jeff-Craig got to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag over the intercom for the school.

Cody and R aschel Springer and son Ben hosted a belated anniversary dinner on Tuesday evening for Wayne and Vicki Springer and Ryan and Ace Roshanga.

Rick Van Norstran is recovering at home after spending a couple of days in Dearborn County Hospital. He received lots of calls and visits which were appreciated.

My deepest sympathy to the families of Leon Osborn and Dale Johnson.

This is a little late but I want to tell everyone how proud I am of my husband Bob who on his 80th birthday walked from our home in Bennington to his farm on Vernon Ridge which is 11.2 miles.