Bennington News


There does not seem to be much going on in Bennington this week but I will make a few calls and see what I can come up with.

I have had a problem with one of my toes the past couple of weeks (an ingrown toenail) and as Bob and I returned today from Madison after I had my toe checked by the doctor we came through Vevay and stopped at Teresa’s office. We were just leaving when Dennis Scudder pulled up with his dad and mom getting out of the car and let me tell you John Scudder looked like he had been in the ring with Muhammad Ali. His right eye was turning black and there was a bruise on his cheek and he had a patch above his eye and his hand was bruised. Now this was all that was visible so I don’t know about the rest of his body but John was moving slow.

Now as Paul Harvey says for the rest of t he story.

There w as a concert at East Enterprise Methodist Church last evening (Sunday) where John is the pastor and as the music was over and John turned out the lights for the evening his foot missed the step and down he went. The concrete wouldn’t give so guess what – John came out the loser.

Hope you don’t mind this little story, John, and here’s to you a speedy recovery.

Congratulations to Dennis Scudder on your promotion and you could not have picked a better day to drive down from the city to see your dad and mom, not knowing about your dad’s accident.

Daisy Swanson is still undergoing tests to determine her health problem.

Juanita Scudder Chatham had the cast removed from her arm on Monday and the doctor thought it was healing. She will se the doctor again in two weeks. Take care, Juanita.

Get well wishes go out to Mary Smith and Sharon Deck this week.

Happy birthday to Carol Madison in the coming week.

Tom Rogers was a good neighbor and helped Bill Madison move his cattle to another farm over the weekend.

Vonetta Roberts arrived over the weekend from Florida to spend some time with her parents, Bill and Mary Roberts.

Glo Asbury called on Mary Earls over the weekend and also Brenda Godsey at Swiss Villa Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

James and Amanda Asbury and sons called on Glo Asbury over the weekend.