Bennington News 3-23-17


Bennington has pretty much been quite the past few weeks since we had the big wind storm, which we called a tornado but the weather guys said it was just straight winds.

Well, let’s see: I need to write something interesting for you folks to read, so let me get busy:

Let’s start with birthdays, Glo Asbury celebrated last week with lunch at Granny’s in Vevay with friends; then dinner at Grub Patch in Versailles with Mike Gray and family. It was also Mike Gray’s birthday. Mike lived here in Bennington when he was just a little boy.

Bob Griswold celebrated his 85th birthday on Monday. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

We have lost many friends the past few weeks and I have many fond memories of different ones.

Dara Swanson lost her mother on Thursday. Dara had spent many weeks caring for her mom, who had cancer. Funeral services for Dara’s mom, who was Treva Meyers-Ragle, were held on Tuesday evening, March 21st, at Hope Baptist Church at Dillsboro, Indiana.

Sue Christman has been quite ill the past few weeks, as she came down with pneumonia and was in the hospital and then went to her daughter, Lisa’s, house in Nashville, Indiana. She has now been in Brown County Living Health Center for rehab and is much improved at this time.

Happy birthday to Jean Lyons on Monday, March 20th. Jean lives in Madison, and is Steve Lyons’ mother.

On Monday evening Steve and Teresa Lyons took Bob and Betty Griswold and Jean Lyons to Clifty Inn for dinner to celebrate Bob and Jean’s birthdays.

Glo Asbury spent the weekend with James and Amanda Asbury and sons in Independence, Kentucky.

Rick and Carla Van Norstran were called to Tennessee on Sunday due to the serious illness of Rick’s mother.

Carla Van Norstran attended her 39th year class reunion at Mo’s Restaurant on Saturday evening.

I send my thoughts and prayers to Carolyn Griffin, Carolyn Miller, Dara Swanson, and Roger Parrott at this time in memory of their loved ones.

Carla Van Norstran, Brittany Roeschlein, Kassi Bovard, and Lorri Peters all spent four days in Florida recently and came home looking like little brown bears.

Steve and Rita Griswold took Bob and Betty Griswold to lunch at Crossroads in Versailles on Sunday for Bob’s birthday, and we just sat down and in walked Richard and Leona Adams. We were glad to see them. We also saw Joy Briggs long enough to say hello.

Bob and Betty Griswold called on David and Patsy Kester on Sunday evening and they told us Peggy Catanzaro had brought them a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

Happy anniversary to Tony and Peggy Catanzaro.

Brittany Roeschlein and Harper Hicks attended a roller derby in Cincinnati on Saturday afternoon.

Debbie Asbury brought her dad, Bob Griswold, his birthday dinner on Monday.