Bennington News 3-19-15


We have had a busy week as my aunt, Myrtle Ritchie, fell and broke her leg on Thursday evening. Bob and I spent the night with her at the hospital and Friday afternoon she had surgery. She is 105 years old and just came through the surgery without any problems. Dr. Rosenberg did the surgery and I believe she is the oldest person he has ever operated on. Our thanks go out to him for all his care and kindness during this time. Dr. Totten was also her attending physician at the hospital and her eyes lit up when he came into the room as he comes to Swiss Villa so she knows him. Seeing him made her feel better.

Berta Turner of Swiss Villa was there for many hours and I thank her very much.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Glo Asbury, Bob Griswold, Jean Lyons and Robin Stinson.

Glo Asbury spent Sunday with her son James Asbury and family. Rufus and Sue Purcell also joined them for dinner.

Glo also called on Ruby McMackin at the nursing home in Milan. Ruby is not very well.

Miranda Hankins has been ill the past week and missed school but was better on Sunday and able to attend church.

Kay Marlman has been having trouble with her back but was out on Sunday.

Congratulations to Pete and Melinda Williams on their 25th wedding anniversary. They left Sunday morning for a week cruise.

Congratulations to Emma Sullivan on winning first place for her speech Business Communication in BPA in Indianapolis over the weekend.

Bella Robinson and Koby Chatham were in the archery contest in Indianapolis over the weekend and did quite well.

I am proud of all of these young people and why shouldn’t I be since they are my grandchildren and step-grandchildren.

I had word over the weekend that Juanita Scudder was improved.

Janice Lawton is having a lot of trouble with her teeth and is very uncomfortable. Her niece Joan is working on getting them taken care of. Joan lives in Indianapolis and comes to see Janice once a week in Greensburg at the nursing home.

Paul Leive of Rising Sun, a dear friend of our family, passed away Saturday. Our deepest sympathy to his wife Wilma and sons, Barry and Ronnie.