Bennington News 3-12-15


The snow we had created a lot of problems but we were still a lot better off than some folks.

I was sorry to hear about Sharon Schmitt falling and breaking her hip.

My thoughts are with my different friends who are ill. Juanita Scudder who has been in the hospital for three months in such a serious condition is now in a nursing home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Janice Lawton is in a nursing home in Greensburg. She is very depressed as she does not see very many people who are familiar to her. I pray every day that she may get to come to Swiss Villa while she is still able to recognize people.

Bob and I visited Dave Gurley at Swiss Villa one day and Dave showed me all the staples in his stomach. I offered to take them out for him but he said he would pass.

It has been 42 years since Dave opened his first ice cream shop and I asked him how many dips of ice cream did he think he had dipped and he said a lot. His wife was there along with other family members and Dave knows how much he is loved. I love him, too.

Hope you enjoy reading this, Dave.

My prayers are with Judy Spurlock who is having some medical problems. Keep your faith, Judy, and know you are in so many people’s prayers.

I have some people to thank for their kindness. Dana Swanson came and cleared our driveway the first big snow we had. My grandson Elijah Van Norstran came and used his four wheeleer with a blade on it and cleared up to the kitchen steps. The next big snow which we have right now Jamie Peters came with his tractor and cleaned the driveway. Thank you all very much.

Back to get well wishes to Darren Swanson who had both knees replaced the same day and his mom says he is doing very good.

Eugene Scudder is at home now after spending three months in the hospital. He is able to be up and around but famiily members take turns staying with him. He sure is happy to be back in Benningon and we are sure happy he is.

Thank you to Rocky Phillips for the beautiful CD he made me and he is in my thoughts and prayers as he is taking chemotherapy right now.

Carla Van Norstran and Brittney Roeschlein spent the past week in Florida on vacation.

Carole Madison spent the past two weeks in Florida the guest of her sister.

My deepest sympathy to Mary Jane Hankins and John and Billy and family at the passing of George. He will be missed.

Get well wishes go out to Francis Sigmon who underwent major surgery this past week. He returned home Sunday and he will be taking chemotherapy.

Bob and Betty Griswold and Bill Madison stopped in Sunday morning after church to see Darren Swanson. He was having a problem with his right knee as it was swelling. I hope he finds what the problem is as he had been doing so good.

My sympathy to Pat Sebree at the loss of her husband Joe. We thought a lot of him.