Bennington News 2-23-12


Happy Birthday to Hunter Robinson for his 13th and to his sister Whitney for her 17th. Hope you both enjoyed your birthdays.

Congratulations to Sam and Anna Schwartz on the birth of a daughter born January 23rd. She has been named Susan.

Also congratulations to Manas and Miriam Christner on their new daughter who was born February 1st. She has been named Lavina.

Elma Schwartz, their aunt, came to care for them.

The two little girls are cousins.

Raschel Springer and son Ben, Harper Hicks, Kelsey Bovard and Dusty Carfield were Sunday dinner guests of Bob and Betty Griswold.

Rick Van Norstran was called to Crossville, Tennessee over the weekend by the death of his very dear friend John Hardin whom he had worked with for over 40 years. His death was very unexpected as he was only ill a few days. I am very sorry, Rick, for your loss.

Irene Martin received word last Thursday that her brother Clinton Bowman of Manchester, Kentucky, had passed away. His funeral services were held Sunday. You are in our prayers, Irene.

Jean Morton and Janet Middleton called on Irene on Sunday.

Jeremy and Sarah Robinson spent last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee attending a Turkey Federation meeting.

Get better wishes go out to Mary Smith who recently broke her hip.

Welcome to Dayle Hawes from your new family here in Switzerland County. We hope you are happy here and stay forever or anyway as long as you live.

Mary Sides called me the other day and said my brother-in-law’s name is not Joe, it is Ronnie. Well you could have fooled me. I thought it was Joseph Ronald (just kidding). I messed up again.

Sue Purcell of Milan spent Sunday night with her mom Ruby McMackin at the farm and took Glo Asbury to Cincinnati on Monday for her eye appointment. Hope she got good news.

Rosemary Bovard had her grandchildren, Whitney, Hunter and Bella as overnight guests on Sunday evening and made their favorite meal in honor of their birthdays.

Billy Hankins stopped by to see us the other evening and to show us his new dog which is a Jack Russell named Turbo. It was the cutest little thing. Thanks, Bill, for stopping.

Junior Duke who lived here in the area for many years and now resides in Versailles is seriously ill in King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison.

Kenny and Janice Lawton spent Friday in Indianapolis visiting their brother Gerald who was celebrating his 90th birthday. His daughter Nancy had lunch and a birthday cake served for them at the nursing home where he resides.

Carla Van Norstran has the flu.