Bennington News 10-4-12


It’s been a long time for any news from Bennington so it’s time to play catch up, so here goes.

I will try to get some things which have taken place the past few weeks.

Joe Deck who had a very serious back injury a few weeks ago is out and about and making chili for his friends.

Bob went to work last Saturday and came home and the first thing he said when he came in the door was “guess what I had at work to eat today?” Joe Deck brought me chili and crackers and a spoon to eat it with.

Steve and Teresa had a cookout down to their farm and Joe was there with, you guessed it, a big pot of chili.

It was a nice evening with a big bonfire and fireworks and good food.

Joe and Sharon Deck and two granddaughters, Zoe and Ana, Bob and Betty Griswold, Mark and Sue White, Aaron Bell, Rosemary Bovard, Jason Hicks and son Wesley, Emma Sullivan, Allan Bear and Steve and Teresa Lyons.

It was a nice time but when I woke up Sunday morning I had a bad cold which is still with me.

I was sorry to hear that Paul Leive of Rising Sun had a light stroke but is improving each day. Get well, dear friend.

It’s been a trying time at the Van Norstrans the past two weeks as Elijah and Brittney;s dog injured his back very badly when he was out in the yard. They don’t know what happened, they just heard him scream and he could not walk on his hind legs. They have had him to Dr. Beckett and also to the animal hospital for xrays. He seems to be improving and they are hoping it is just a pinched nerve and if it is the doctor said it might be six weeks before he might regain the use of his legs.

John Scudder recently had cataract surgery on both of his eyes and is doing well. Good for you, Johbn.

Sue Christman had eye surgery the past week and was to return to the doctor on Wednesday. She had a hole in her retina.

I have an eye problem which I have been dealing with for the last month. I have a hole in my left eye which is causing me to lose fluid and the doctor has used a laser on it once. I will return October 12th to see what the next step is.

James and Amanda Asbury had a fourth birthday party for their son Bryce at the home of his grandmother Glo Asbury Saturday afternoon. Those attending were Jim and Sarah Asbury, Sue Purcell, Betty Griswold, Norman and Diane Earls, Ruby McMackin, Mary Earls, Gene and Sherri and Jayce Wiesmann.

Carla Van Norstran, Julie Brown and Keli Jester spent their yearly vacation at a resort in Kentucky.

Sympathy to the family of Rosie Satterfield.

Carol Madison was able to attend church at Bennington Sunday. Everyone was happy to see her.

Congratulations to Clarence and Nettie Blodgett on their wedding anniversary.

Joan Boyer and Phil Lawton of Indianapolis were guests of Kenny and Janice Lawton and took them to lunch at the Old School Cafe.

Thank you so much to the lady who brought the Readers Digest books in to Bob for me over at the recycling center. Bob did not get your name so I couldn’t call you to say thanks. I enjoyed them very much and would love to have some more if you have any you want to dispose of.

I extend my deepest sympathy to Bootie Thornton and her family at the loss of their loved one, Ronnie. You are in my prayers.

Congratulations to Elma Schwartz and Dave Christner who married September 6th. Elma is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Swartz of near Bennington. Dave is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Christner of near Pleasant. Their attendants were Wilmer Christner, Sylvia Girod, Noah Schwartz, Ella Eicher. Bishop Henry Delaglange of Camden, Michigan performed the ceremony.

Congratulations to Marvin Schwartz and Lucy Schmidt who married September 11th in Salem, Indiana. Marvin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Swartz of near Bennington and Lucy is the daughter aof Mr. and Mrs. William Schmidt of Salem. Their attendants were Levi Swartz, Edith Swartz, Ruben Christner, and Barbara Schmidt. Bishop Jerry Wickey of Bennington performed the ceremony.

Congratulations to my son Glenn Bovard and his new bride Kassi Houze who were married August 6th at Buffalo Chips Campground in Sturgis, South Dakota.

There was a reception held for them Saturday evening at Mo’s in Vevay with Deezel band providing the music.

Kelsey Bovard had the misfortune to rupture her eardrum which has been very painful and uncomfortable.

Dusty Carfield injured his hand while working on his car and he had to have surgery on it Friday in Cincinnati. They put two pins in his hand and he was in a lot of pain on Saturday and was unable to attend Glenn and Kassi’s wedding reception. Hurry and get well, Kelsey and Dusty – Grandma loves you.

Billy Hankins was up home one evening visiting with Bob and me and he said “I miss cutting tobacco. I think I will start helping some farmer cut.” Well that’s just what he did. He started in after he worked in Madison all day at his full time job and cut every evening for a nunmber of weeks. He told me he finished on Friday evening. He is now looking forward to going to Colorado elk hunting in the next couple of weeks.. I guess to rest up. Good luck, Billy.

Bob and I enjoyed homemade banana ice cream with Rosemary Sunday evening.

I extend my sympathy to Lori Dennison who lost her grandmother recently.

Congratulations to Paul and Wilma Leive of Rising Sun on their 69th wedding anniversary on September 22nd. Paul had a slight stroke in August and has been going through therapy and is much better now.

Remember the Swanson family in your prayers as Buddy is not too well.

Guests of Juanita and Sonny Chatham Sunday to greet Janice and Creighton Lembach from California were Bill Allen, Erica Allen, Collin Allen, Jordyas Allen, Jadys Allen from Cincinnati, Ohio, Eugene Scudder of Bennington, Bonnie Browning of Cross Plains, Joshua, Bradison and Southern Browning, Chris Dureen and Mason Konkle from Madison, Brittney Scudder and Brad Lampkin of New Castle, Shannon Keith and Bryce Konkle of Madison, Bob Scudder of Versailles, Sharon and Roger Chandler of Madison, Missy Allen and Trevor Gilbreath of California, Rick and Kathy Kelly of Rising Sun, Ron Konkle of Cross Plains, Kevin Scudder, Bryant and Leann. It was a beautiful day and dinner was enjoyed outside.

The last weekend of July Marjorie Brown visited her daughter Barbara in North Carolina.

David Brown retired from the Vernon Post Office as Postmaster the last of July. Lewis and Ruth Rucker and Marjorie Brown attended the retirement party July 24th. Also, Jason Brown and Regina Barringer and family attended and Mary Brown. His official retirement date was July 31st. He had been serving as Postmaster over 19 years.