Bennington News 1-5-17


May you all have a very happy new year with good health and much love.

Christmas was a wonderful time around our house this year with all of my family home except for my granddaughter in law, Sarah Robinson, son Robbie, daughter Ashlie and Grandson in law Jason Hicks. The adults had to work.

We had dinner in the garage with 25 attending and was it loud. Every once in a while I would clap my hands and yell “time out” and it would get really still for a moment and then noise again. Food and presents and laughing and talking and hugs and kisses. Wonderful memories all wrapped up in one wonderful day with family and friends. It does not get any better than that.

Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Emma Sullivan who turned 15 on Thursday, December 29th.

Bob and I called on David and Patsy Lester over the holidays. These are good people whom I have been friends with for many years and I hope no one ever mistreats them. All I can say, if you do, don’t let me hear about it.

Peggy Catanzaro and Teresa Lyons called on Betty Griswold on Wednesday afternoon and Peggy and I exchanged our Christmas gifts.

We had a good afternoon and enjoyed tea that I had Kathy Covington get me in Florence, Kentucky.

Harper Hicks spent Thursday afternoon with her great grandma Jean Lyons in Madison and took a nap while she was there. All the holiday celebrations caught up with her.

My sincere symphony goes out to Kim Hambrick at the loss of her husband Gary.

My dear friend Barry Marlman is in very serious condition at Kings Daughters Hospital in Madison. His wife Kay and family members are staying with him around the clock.

It seems like bad luck is playing tricks on Jamie Peters from all sides as the building he rents from Dave Schuler on Pleasant Grove Road which he has a business operating there caught fire one night last week. It caused a lot of work to contain the fire from burning up his equipment and the building. Thankfully none of the workers were injured who were working in the building at the time of the fire.

To add to Jamie’s problems the doors which are being installed on his state of the art building (on the former Lawton property on the corner of State Road 250 and Bennington Pike) were opened and were all damaged. So more down time until new doors can be ordered and shipped to the worksite.

Good luck Jamie and maybe 2017 will be better for you.

Irene Martin spent the holidays with her daughter Patsy Eves and other family members in Lawrenceburg. Irene said it was nice to go and nice to be home.

Little Kole, son of Kassie and Glenn Bovard had the misfortune to burn his hand on the stove in my garage on Christmas day. He had not been around a wood burning stove and just laid his little hand right on the stove.

Steve and Rita Griswold called on Bob and Betty Griswold on Christmas Eve.

Agloria Asbury spent Christmas with her son and family James and Amanda Asbury and boys. Later in the evening they were all guest of Norma Earls in Versailles for dinner.

Happy third birthday to Winnie Roeschlein. He loves to come to Bennington.

Congratulations to Rick and Carla VanNorstran on their 30th wedding anniversary.

Robbie Wood, son of Sarah Robinson and J. Wood, became ill on Friday afternoon and his mom thought it was the flu but as the evening preceded the pain became severe that Robbie started screaming and Sarah realized it was time to get medical help. He was taken to King’s Daughters’ Hospital and with in a few short time the doctor told her it was appendicitis and he needed surgery right away. Dr. Cronen did the operation and said the appendix had ruptured. At this writing Robbie is on a lot of strong medicine to get the infection taken care of and hopefully he will be home in a few days. Dr. Cronen said this will be his last surgery, as he is retiring.

Glenn Bovard hosted his annual trap shoot on New Year’s Day with a good crowd attending. Bruce Hutcherson did not attend this year and was missed. Terry Hall was there with delicious pork tenderloin for lunch. This is something the Bovards look forward to every year, Thanks Terry.

Jack and Glo Asbury were dinner guest of Mike Gray and family at Crossroads restaurant in Versailles last week.

Peggy Catanzaro will be leaving January 10th for Germany to spend 10 days with her son, who is in the service there.

Danny and Kathy Covington’s family; Lisa, Hank, Lucian and Leslie all of New York spent the holidays here.

Marjorie Brown left her home in Bennington on Saturday to spend the winter in Florida.

Clint Swanson spent Sunday with Dana and Dara Swanson and grandma Daisy.

Irene Martin’s guest on Sunday afternoon were Jean Morton, Janet Middleton and Daisy Swanson.

Happy Birthday to Bill Madison on January 6th. Happy 40th wedding anniversary to Bill and Carol Madison this week. Get well wishes to Connie Sigmon who is recovering from knee surgery. Hurry and get well Connie. We miss you at church.

Rosemary Bovard was the lucky winner of the gun raffled off at the trap shoot at Glenn’s on Sunday.

Billy and Raquel Hankins hosted a New Year’s dinner Saturday evening for their families.

Little Harper Hicks will celebrate her seventh birthday on Thursday, January 4th. Happy birthday, Harper.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Schwartz are the proud parents of a baby boy born December the 19th. He has been named Daniel.