Bennington News 1-18-18


Happy New Year to everyone. It seems 2017 was just here. We had a very nice Christmas with all the family here but I felt strange this year as the girls did all the cooking. I was told not to do a thing by those three girls of mine and when Rosie, Carla and Teresa speak, you better listen. Just kidding girls.

I am going to play catch up on this news so hope you readers do not get bored.

Happy birthday to my granddaughter Emma Sullivan who turned 16 on December 29th. She has her drivers permit so look out. Grandma and Grandpa (Steve and Teresa) got her a car for her birthday. Its nice to be spoiled.

Glo Asbury and Daisy Swanson attended the Oakridge Boys concert in Rising Sun and said it was good.

Glenn Bovard had his yearly trap shoot on New Year’s Day and was it ever cold. We drove back there because I heard that Bruce Hutchinson was going to be there and sure enough there he was in his truck when we pulled up. I was so happy to see him and the full beard he was sporting. I ask him how Jill liked that beard and he said “okay I guess”. After 50 plus yeas he expects about anything out of me. Just as we were leaving there came Carla with a jug of hot chocolate and said “I want to see Bruce.” We all like Bruce and in leaving I said “I will see you next year Bruce” and he said “I’ll be here.” It’s so nice to have friends.

I send get well wishes to Pat Miller and Kay Cook. I always enjoy the news from these ladies each week. My prayers are with you.

Happy birthday to my great granddaughter Harper Hicks who turned 8 on January 5th.

Levi Swartz our Amish friend down the road had quite a time with hives right before Christmas. For about two weeks he was hardly able to sleep it was so bad, but he is much better now for which he is thankful.

Jack and Glo Asbury were supper guests of Bob and Betty Griswold on Tuesday evening. Jack is getting better each day from his recent heart attack.

Terry Hall came to Glenn’s New Year trap shoot and as always he brought corn beef, cabbage and black eyed peas. I wanted to stay and eat but it was too cold for me. Maybe next year.

My granddaughter Raschel and her husband Cody are having a new house built on Adams Road and they can hardly wait to see it finished. Ben is so excited to be moving to Bennington.

Jamie and Laurie Peters hosted a family dinner on Christmas.

Happy birthday to Bill Madison on January 6th and happy 41st wedding anniversary to Bill and Carole.

Whitney Robinson has had the flu all weekend. Rosemary took her to Urgent Care on Saturday.

We have church services here at Bennington each Sunday morning at 9 a.m. Each and everyone is invited and welcome here.

I send New Year wishes to my nephew Danny Morris and his wife, Evelyn in North Vernon, Indiana. Hope you enjoy the Vevay paper.

Harriet Bovard was totally surprised on Saturday evening when she came in the TEC building in Vevay to go to a meeting with her sister and when she walked in a band started playing ‘Happy Birthday’ along with a room full of people singing. The event was hosted by her sisters Alicia Faye and Patty who lives in Tennessee and other members of the family. A light buffet dinner was served along with a beautiful cake and punch to approximately 75 guests. Terry and Sue Jacobs provided the music for the evening. Happy 75th birthday Harriet.

Kassi Bovard has been ill all weekend. We don’t know if its just a bad cold or the flu. Take care of yourself and stay in babe.