Bennington News 06/20/2019


Billy and Raquel called on Bob and Betty Griswold last Sunday afternoon. Raquel you are in my thoughts and prayers always. 

  Mr. and Mrs. Terry Webster are the proud parents of a baby boy born on Monday the 3rd of June. Roseann Webster is the former Roseann Asbury who grew up around Bennington and the daughter of Jack Asbury and the granddaughter of Bob Griswold. 

 Happy birthday to Kole Kelly who had his 9th birthday last week.

 Rita and Steve Griswold called on Bob and Betty Griswold on Sunday afternoon.

 Happy birthday to Janet Middleton.

 Our pastor Bill Madison and his wife Carole have both been ill. Bill had to miss church a couple of Sundays and is still having some problems with his heart. Please keep them in your prayers.

  Rosemary Bovard hosted a birthday party for her granddaughter Jo’s 6th birthday on Saturday evening. Rosemary babysit her granddaughter Lily on Sunday.

  Daisy Swanson has a new chairlift for her apartment and loves it. 

  Digger VanNorstran of Tennessee was an overnight guest of his brother Rick and family.

  Raquel Hankins is having major surgery in Louisville today (Monday), please keep her and Billy in your prayers.