Bennington News 06/06/2019


What a beautiful Spring we are having and the mushrooms have gone crazy this year. I would love to be able to go mushroom hunting, but my legs won’t do it.

  We had a wonderful Easter and our friends Jim and Tina Wingate had so many for a family cookout there wasn’t  hardly room in the yard for the crowd.

  Ralph and Susan Van Norstran of Tennessee were weekend guests of Rick and Carla Van Norstran and family.

  Happy belated birthday to Jean Morton. Glad you are improving Jean.

  Happy birthday to Jack Asbury and Jeremy Robinson who both had a birthday on the same day.

  Jeremy Robinson just returned from a week vacation in South Dakota which he was given by the National Turkey Association for his outstanding work with the Turkey Association. Congratulations Jeremy!

  I did not realize so many people enjoyed the Bennington news until the past couple of weeks. I have had people calling me asking where is the news, so I guess I had better get busy and gather up some news.

  Some of the news in the paper today is kind of old but someone might enjoy it.

  Congratulations to all the young people who graduated last Saturday and yes I had a great granddaughter who was one of the young ladies to walk across the stage and receive her diploma. And let me tell you a little bit about her. She only went to three years of high school and had enough credits to graduate after finishing her junior year. We are all so proud of Emma Sullivan the daughter of Annie and Jason Hicks and J.J. and Gayle Sullivan and sister of Harper Hicks. She is the granddaughter of Rita Sullivan and the late Lowell Sullivan and Teresa and Steve Lyons. She is the great granddaughter of Betty and Bob Griswold and Harriet and the late Carl Bovard. There are more sisters and brothers but I was afraid folks would get tired of reading about so many but just wanted to say how proud we all are of Emma. May God keep you safe in His care what ever you do Emma. Grandma loves you.

  To my friend Roger Nay may you be blessed with good health and be happy.

  I have been feeling bad and Dr. Frede says it’s my sleep apnea and my sugar so I have been trying as hard as I can to wear my mask and stay away from sugar.

  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brindley of Florida have been visiting his sister Marjorie Brown and on Monday there were dinner guest of their sister Ruth Rucker of Pleasant.

  Glo Asbury was an overnight guest of James and Amanda Asbury and sons this past week and attended her grandson’s graduation from sixth grade.

  My deepest sympathy to JoKay Beatty at the loss of her husband Mike; also to the former Brenda Tinker who lost her husband to cancer. They have lived in New York for many years.

  A bunch of my cousins came on Memorial Day weekend to see me but we were gone. There was Linda Gordon from Madison, Karen and Donna from Connersville and Danny and Evelyn Morris from North Vernon. I was sorry to miss them.

  My grandson Jeremy Robinson spent the past weekend in Chicago doing some work for the company he is employed with.

  My grandson Caleb and his fiance’ Katie are the proud parents of a baby girl born May 2nd. She has been named Lily Ann.

  Happy birthday to Ben Bovard-Roberts. He in now a teenager.