Bennington News 03/28/2019


It is with a heavy heart I write this news today, as over the weekend a dear friend of Teresa’s and mine passed away. Mona Shoemaker lived next door to Steve and Teresa and you could not have asked for a better neighbor and friend. The last of November Mona lost her husband to cancer and she grieved for him night and day and Steve and Teresa were right there for her.

  We were having our hymn sing at church on Saturday evening and Teresa and Mona were going to come and Mona was looking forward to it.

  In the meantime on Saturday afternoon Mona went to her church services over in Kentucky and while she was sitting in her pew she just slumped over and passed away. It was such a shock to everyone it still seems like a bad dream. I got a call from Carla on Saturday afternoon late and she told me that Teresa and Mona were not going to make it to the hymn sing. They didn’t tell me until this morning that she had passed.  Please remember her two daughters and Teresa in your prayers.

  There was 76 people who attended the hymn sing and soup supper at the church on Saturday evening and I would like to thank everyone who came and took part.

  I extend my sympathy and prayers to Connie Massey on the passing of her son, who lived in Germany.

  Debbi Asbury, Terry and Rosemary Webster and children Pru, Landlan and Gabe spent Sunday afternoon with Bob and Betty Griswold; also Glo Asbury called.

  Daisy Swanson was very sick over the weekend and the kids took her down to the hospital and while they were there Dana became ill so they gave him medicine. They said Daisy had the flu which was about ready to go into pneumonia. They both came home and are in bed. Get better soon.

  We miss Irene Martin so much here in Bennington.

  Kevin McBride and Miranda and boys, Chase and Nathan came on Wednesday to help Bob celebrate his birthday and I can say he finally caught up with me.

  Happy birthday Bob! I love you!

  Lavina Schwartz returned home Sunday after spending the week in Wisconsin with her sister and family who have a new baby girl named Elizabeth.

  Jean Morton has been seriously ill the past 10 days but is improving. Get well soon Jean.

  The big two story house on the corner of State Road 250 and Bennington Pike is gone. My son tore it down last week for Mr. Zook who lives there.

  It sure looks different and much better George Leap and his wife lived there when I was a little girl.

  Eugene Scudder has been having a problem with sinus issues.