Ben Hickman scores 13 points, but Pacers fall to South Dearborn, 45-39


The Switzerland County boys varsity basketball team lost Friday night to the South Dearborn Knights by a score of 45-39.

The Pacers had extra fans cheering them on Friday night as some visitors from Brazil came to watch the ball game and ended up being enthusiastic additions to the cheer block.

The basketball game began with Zach Getz scoring for the Pacers; and then Travis Webster then stole the ball from the Knights and headed down the court for a shot worth two more points.

South Dearborn’s Robbie Tiettmeyer then added two for the Knights.

Zach Getz then replied to that with a two point shot of his own making the score 6-2.

Knights player Garrett Rollins then hit a two point shot; but Chancy May matched that with a score with two minutes to go to make the score 8-4.

Chancy May then fouled Garrett Rollins and he went to the foul line hitting both attempts, and the first period ended with the Pacers in front, 8-6.

Ben Hickman scored in the second period a minute into the quarter to get Switzerland County moving again; and a foul shot a few moments later gave Pacers a lead of 11-6.

The Knights then scored twice in a row, bringing them within a point of the Pacers, 10-11.

The Knights followed that with two more baskets and a foul shot, taking the lead 15-11.

There was 1:35 left in the half and Travis Webster hit a nice three-point shot, reducing the lead the Knights had to 15-14.

The Pacers then worked their way inside to get Mat Deaton the ball, who ended the quarter scoring two points for the Pacers giving them the lead at the end of the half, 16-15.

Pacer Ben Hickman started the second half scoring two points; but the Knights Sam Schmeltzer answered that, scoring two and was fouled in the process.

The Pacers fouled the Knights twice sending them to the line with three minutes into the quarter they then scored a two point basket the score now stood at 23-18 with the Knights in the lead.

B. J. Shelton then scored two points for the Pacers cutting the lead back to only three points; but again the Knights’ Sam Schmeltzer scored a three-point shot giving them an expanded lead.

Ben Hickman then scored twice for Switzerland County, making it a 26-24 score.

With just about a little over a minute left in the quarter Ben Hickman was fouled he hit one of two at the line, the Pacers were now trailing by one 26-25.

The Knight would finish off the quarter scoring two and taking a three-point lead, 28-25.

The fourth quarter started off with Ben Hickman scoring two points for the Switzerland County Pacers to close the gap to a single point; but the Knights came back with two points of their own still keeping the lead, 30-27.

T.J. Sefton was then fouled and went to the line hitting two for two, narrowing the deficit to a single point, 30-29.

Robbie Tiettmeyer for the Knights then scored, and with 4:38 left in the ball game Chancey May hit a three-point shot making it a tie game at 32-32.

Travis Webster was then fouled, and he hit one of two of his shots giving the Pacers the lead at 33-32.

The Knights then hit a two point shot and later drew a foul going to the line and making both shots, giving the Knights the lead, 36-33.

With 2:11 left in the game, Chancey May drilled a huge three point shot to once again tie the contest at 36-36.

The Knights then scored two points; and Pacer B.J. Shelton was fouled, going to the freethrow and hitting one of two of his shots.

The Pacers then fouled the Knights and they were two for two at the line, 40-37 Knights lead.

There was one minute left in the ball game and the Pacers had possession of the ball, but the inbound pass was thrown across the court and out of bounds — giving the Knights possession of the ball.

Knights were fouled twice more and at the line hit three of their four freethrow opportunities, giving them an even bigger lead at 43-37.

With just :09.8 seconds left in the game, Ben Hickman scored for two points, 39-43.

Ben Hickman led the Switzerland County Pacers in scoring with 13 points and six rebounds; while Chancey May scored eight points and had four rebounds. Travis Webster had six points, five steals, and two assists; Zach Getz had four points, one rebound and two steals; B.J. Shelton had three points and four assists; and Mat Deaton had two points and four rebounds.

T.J. Sefton had two points, four steals and three assists in the game; and Josh Snow added a point and had two steals.


The Switzerland County junior varsity basketball team won Friday night in an exciting game, 34-30, over the South Dearborn jayvee team.

Brandon Otter had nine points, Bryan Levell had seven, and Kyle Green added six points. Aaron Moore had four points, Devon Armstrong and Jordan Pavy each added three points; while Cliff Meyer chipped in two.

— Debi Sefton