Beautiful cemetery


Dear Editor:

Memorial Day Weekend. what a wonderful time of the year to pay homage to those loved ones who have gone on before us.

East View Cemetery, the most beautiful in the state, if not the country, is right here in our own back garden. Those we love and those we miss deserve our remembrance that day as well as every day.

Each and every year, members of the board of directors at East View spend time at the gates directing and providing information to the many visitors who come through there at this time of the year. Be one of those visitors. Stop by and say hello. See how well kept it is and thank them. If you have any spare change, drop it in their basket. It is one way of helping to defray the ever-increasing cost of maintenance and upkeep, and saying thanks. Show your appreciation for their hard work and attention given to keeping the area well groomed and ever ready for us to see.

Someone will be at the cemetery May 27th, 28th and 29th to accept your donations. Be generous.

Barrie Lee Watters

Asheville, North Carolina

(formerly of Patriot)