Bear Branch business will get you playing music if you can connect the dots


The annual Rising Sun Quiltfest brings out a large variety of quilts and vendors to the Ohio County Historical Museum.

This year marked the debut of a new business venture by 31 year old Kevin Rohrbach, owner/operator of Bear Branch Music Works of Dillsboro.

The Ohio County resident has turned his spare time hobby into a business at his home at 13629 Aberdeen Road.

The 2003 Rising Sun High School graduate gave demonstrations each day of the three day event showing th ease of how to play music on the plucked psaltery.

“If you can connect the dots, you can play it,” Kevin explains.

Rohrbach’s interest in harps date back to his high school days, when he got a job for William and Pamela Rees at Harps on Main. He worked in the construction of the larger harps for four years before finding different work. He returned and, now in his eighth year, is construction manager for the store.

“I string them,tune them, level them,” he adds, while admitting he cant’ read a not of music.

In October, he started building them in his spare time.

The tiny harps use printed note sheets. All you do is line up the top and bottom lines under the strings, pluck with a guitar pick and enjoy the music.

Former teacher Karen Gillard was insistent for Kevin to take part in the show. He admits being nervous but, now that he’s done one show, he looks forward to doing more shows- including one in Switzerland County later this summer.

He sold 10 during the show and had another order

The handcrafted business is family affair. His wife Ashley helped out with the show while 11-year old Shelby was the biggest seller. She and five-year old Haiden get involved helping out in the shop

There 200 song sheets to choose from.

“No musical knowledge is needed whatsoever,” he adds. Each purchase includes a pick, tuning wrench, plastic case and tuning instructions. You can choose from cherry, walnut, maple and oak wood.

Prices are determined by the type of wood.

The answer to the most asked question of the weekend is “the wood and hole do not affect the sound.

It’s the pins and strings.”

Each is made of 12 gauge piano string and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Each order takes about two weeks.

I like to do a set of five at a time with my hydraulic

Top and bottom wood choice and prices are : cherry, maple and walnut $99; popular laminate and oak laminate $79.

Additional decorations $20 plus a matching stand for $10. Music sets are $10.

Visa, mastercard, discover and American express are accepted.

Kevin emphasized how helpful William and Pamela Rees have been with supplies and support.

You can find out more on Facebook and can email at or phone 812-571-2772.