‘Be Heart Smart’ is Patriot program theme


As the leading cause of death for all Americans, heart disease claims 600,000 lives annually.

It’s understandably frightening to be at risk for heart disease, but Purdue Extension’s ‘Be Heart Smart’ program can help people fight this disease by better understanding it and gaining the necessary knowledge to make heart-smart choices.

Purdue Extension’s ‘Be Heart Smart’ program is a new community program comprising four heart-health classes. It’s intended to complement healthcare providers’ recommendations and help you, or your loved one, prevent or manage heart disease.

Topics include:

– Identifying and understanding risk factors for heart disease.

– Guidelines for healthy cholesterol and blood pressure.

– A heart-healthy eating plan, including a cooking demonstration.

– Techniques for stress reduction.

– Best practices for talking to healthcare providers.

Join Peggy Ehlers, Switzerland County Health and Human Sciences Educator for Purdue Extension, for the ‘Be Heart Smart’ program on four Tuesday Mornings: February 2nd,9th,16th, and 23rd; from 9:30-11 a.m. at the Patriot Town Hall.

Register by calling the Purdue Extension/Switzerland County office at (812) 427-3152 or emailing pehlers@purdue.edu. Register before January 28th. Space is limited, so enroll now. For more information, visit www.extension.purdue.edu/switzerland.