Attention Alumni


To the Editor:

To the Alumni of Patriot High School and Vevay High School:

Our respective schools exist only in our memories, and memories are what we now need to protect for posterity.

Each of our schools were, and still are, important to us. We have an obligation to our respective alumnae and alumni to assemble and protect information from past history pertaining to each of these schools.

Joy Briggs and I recently met with Tracy Caddell, superintendent of Switzerland County Schools. We asked if we could use the old gym as a place to display our high school pictures. His answer was, no, we want them in the Switzerland County High School. “All of your pictures, your mementoes are part of who we are,” he said. Patriot and Vevay schools are now the past history of the Switzerland County School System.

We were shocked and pleased at this response.

Now it is up to each and every one of you Alumni to furnish pictures, cheerleader outfits, basketball, baseball, track, band uniforms, letter jackets, anything you would like to see preserved for the glory of our respective schools. Even grade school pictures that you want to see preserved are needed.

If you want to keep the originals, pictures can be scanned and given back to each of you.

Let’s see if we can work together on this project. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Roberts, president

VHS Alumni

718 Bennington Pike

Vevay, IN 47043

phone 812-427-2901