Athletic Hall of Fame nominations sought

The Switzerland County High Schools Athletics Hall of Fame is seeking nominations for this year’s honorees.


The Switzerland County High Schools Athletics Hall of Fame is seeking nominations for this year’s honorees.
Persons wishing to make a nomination should provide the following information:
• Name of the nominee; the date of nomination; is the nominee is to be considered as an athlete; a coach; or as a special contributor. The graduation year of the nominee or years of coaching service if nominated as a coach.
• Nominators should also provide their name and phone number in case the committee has any questions.
• On a separate page, the nominator should provide the reasons that the person is being nominated. The letter should go into detail, giving years, stats, awards, etc…. It is also important to give information on all sports that the nominee was involved with — the committee will definitely consider single sport nominees, but it is appreciated when a nominee is involved in multiple sports. The committee would also like to know any details that the nominator might have on what the nominee did after their time here with a Switzerland County high school.
• Nominations must be turned in to the Athletic Director. If the nomination is not personally handed to the athletic director; the nominator will receive confirmation that the nomination has been received.
• It is not a requirement to be a graduate of a Switzerland County high school to be selected to the Hall of Fame if the person is being considered as a coach or special contributor.
• An athlete will not be considered until 10 years after they have graduated from Switzerland County High School.
• A coach would become eligible for nomination immediately upon their retirement or five years after leaving employment with Switzerland County Schools. An exception would be if the coach was being selected for their contributions as a Switzerland County athlete.
• A special contributor’s eligibility would be left at the sole discretion of the Committee.
• Once an individual has been nominated, their nomination will remain active for a period of five years.
Anyone having questions should contact Switzerland County athletic director Mark Boggs at (812) 427-2626. The deadline for nominations is 3 p.m. on Monday, August 27th.