Dear Editor:

Linda Thieman wrote a very nice letter for the paper last week. . . . She brought up so many questions I hardly know where to start. First she said she didn’t know me. She got that right. She also implied that I don’t have qualifications to judge art. Excuse me, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that mural is supposed to last longer than just a few years. Some murals have endured centuries. This one won’t.

Do you really want to talk art, Ms. Thieman? You want primitive, classical, baroque, medieval, renaissance . . . or realism, romanticism, impressionism, fauve . . . How about contemporary, abstract, or even outsider art? You pick. I’m not afraid. I’m educated. Are you? (You can learn a lot in school if you want to).

As for knowing Leatherbury, I know enough about him to suit me. I know he took public money and community trust to pay him for a job that he walked away from. Does a real professional artist have to be a prima donna, or maybe that’s just good for marketing. Did you know that orangutans born in captivity have wielded paint brushes and their “artwork” has sold with huge success.

Now, as to me painting over the Hoosier Theater mural, thanks for the invitation. I’ve often considered it. But honestly that would scare me. I’m an old woman and some jealous “artist” might slap me with a lawsuit or worse.

Ms. Thieman, would you take hope and aspiration away from our children with your version of art and artist? I believe that public money can and should be used for public good.

Well maybe you’re right. Maybe integrity (artistic or otherwise) cannot be taught in Switzerland County schools.

But I think you are mistaken.

Alberta Johnson