Around The County 8-31-17


Barbara June (Cole) Rice and husband Bob Rice of Biggs, California arrived late last Wednesday to spend a week with family and friends. June and Bob own several homes in Vevay that they rent out. They now come back several times a year to check out their rentals. Reta Gray spent the afternoon Thursday going with her to each home to see if the renters had any problems. If they did, she called up Edsel Detraz and he fixes them. Reta said she was worn out at the end of the day. Bob went with them. Sometimes he would wait in the car for them. Bob said “Barbara would love to come back to the Vevay area, but Bob wants to stay in California.” Bob was raised in the area where the late Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were from. He has seen all their movies. He told everyone about “Trigger”. Friday they had to take care of business.

Saturday Tracy, Tammy, Evon and Reta, met to watch the parade. Treyton Cole Gray was walking with the Republicans. He could have rode in one of the cars but wanted to walk. He had a bucket full of candy for the kids. He met our Governor and Mike Pence;s brother. He said he was a real nice person. He and friends Lane Penick have a picture of Pence and the two boys. He later attended a luncheon hosted by Jerry and Lisa Fisher. Tracy, Tammy and Trey spend the weekend in their motor home.

Sunday at 12:30 p.m., Debbie and Frank Kappes had the Cole reunion out at Fairview. They have a beautiful home back behind where Aunt Mavis Cole Scudder and Carroll lived. They have a huge lake. Everyone enjoyed sitting on the back porch watching the kids play. They have all kinds of things for kids and adults to. Frank made his delicious chicken. Tanya Curry brought the pulled pork and baked the famous creme, coconut and chocolate pies that are always a hit. It is a so good to see so many cousins that come back each year. The only living (Cole) of Grandpa Herb and Nellie Cole living is Abram Cole at the Milan Rest home. He will be 100 years old in January, 2018.

After the reunion the Grays came home and celebrated the birthday of Axel Gray. He is the son of Bridgette and Noel Gray. It was held at Tracy and Tammy’ s new barn which is nice and big.

April along with Kaiden and Kenly of Lafayette and to go back home. It was a long drive for April and kids. Jeremy Konkle had made other plans with some friends for the weekend. Everyone had a good weekend. They came home very tired but it was so wonderful. They missed the ones who could not be at the reunion or at Axel’s party.

Saturday at the Baptist church folks gathered to practice with Walter Lambert who was the music teacher here in the late 50’s. Mr. Ward filled in on the piano for Dawn Boggs who wasn’t able to attend. He did a very good job. Those members of the VHS Choir who attended were: Donna Driver Raisor, Janice Koons Waltz, Linda Detraz Robbins, Lois Fothergill, Carolyn Danner Beach, Marsha Ricketts Patterson, Barbara Cole Rice, Reta Cole Gray, Sundra Penick Whitham, Jo Konkle, Lois Roberts Blodgett, Darlene Roberts, Judy Roberts Ellegood, Cheryle Messmore, Cynthia Griffith, Mary Shera, Sue Landau, Barry Brown, Mick Markland, Cheryl Jaynes, Jim Ashby, Bob Stout, Sharon Payne, Gail Newton Clements, Roger Woodfill, Thirla Judy Johnson, Theresa Furnish McClanahan, and Paula Harris Dodd. The band members that were present were: Kenny Owens, Bobby Owens, Bill Sullivan, and Ray Nally. Carol Sublett also sang in the choir. Those who were in charge of getting the program together were: Daryl McKenzie, Linda Scott Harrell, Carol Hardin Sublett, and Dawn Boggs – but she was unable to attend.

Everyone missed Edna Pearl (Clark) Spencer. She has a beautiful voice. She did lots of solos for the choir back in the early 50’s. Edna graduated in 1955. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Jack. It was too far for her to drive. Edna and Reta talk often She said she misses Vevay and all her friends. Reta’s grandson has never met Edna Pearl, but she is like a pen pal to him. She is very interesting to talk to. Her husband Jack oversees his landscaping business. They have two boys that live pretty far away from them. One is Florida and one in California. The one in California has a ‘Bat Mobile’. Edna still sings and has sent Reta a tape and it was very good.

Contributed by

Reta Gray, Pleasant