Around The County 6-30-16


Reta Gray of near Pleasant brought in this speech that was given by her grandson, Trayton C. Gray, a student at Switzerland County Middle School. He gave this speech for his presentation that he made in the Business Professionals of America competition. He said:

I have certain goals I wish to accomplish in the future, I really enjoy government and politics. The fact that this is an election year it especially makes it exciting for myself. When I get to the appropriate age to run for an office in the political field I know I will be ready, because Business Professionals at my junior high school is preparing me and helping me in many ways. BPA has taught me communication skills, for example when we were assigned to ring the Salvation Army bell at the grocery store, I spoke to a lot of people. Saying thank you and speaking with a few generous people that donated to the Salvation Army, and others who may have not. I plan to stay in BPA as long as I can throughout my high school career for the most experience I can consume.

As former presidential candidate Ross Perot once said, “War has rules, Mud wrestling has rules, politics has no rules.” Although I agree with that statement, but politics does have etiquette. Listening, Speaking, allowing the other person or people to speak or explain what they want or need to say, and all those things I have learned in Business Professionals. I am learning skills that I can use in public that will really help my future career path. Public communication is something this is as well very useful and really worth learning, because if I run for an office I will need to know how to speak with voters, or other politicians or colleagues.

As the BPA official website explains how the variety of programs they have can motivate me, or anyone to real world career paths whether government, public, private, or nonprofit. So as you see the word government is used. So that really helps a lot to know that no matter what career path I would like to follow, BPA can and will be there to help me.

As Businessman and 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump once said, “I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, think big.” That’s a great quote, a motivation quote, and it is fun to think big, I like to have my plans out. The best part about this 2016 race is, the GOP front runner is a businessman. So I have a done a lot of research about him and figured out more about his businesses. The Trump Tower the Taj Mahal Casino, although he may have had ups and downs, but that is business. Another former GOP candidate was a businesswoman. An AT&T management trainee. The Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Office, as well as the other she could have had her ups and downs but it is business. So as you can see, politics is very much business. Some like I say are politicians. So me being in BPA can really help me in my political dream field.

I started the path in Business Professionals in my seventh grade year, now that I know that I want to be a politician I know that I am in the right organization for it. As the pledge of BPA states, “We are meant in spirit of friendship and goodwill as we prepare for careers in a world-class workforce. We work together to develop professionalism and leadership through Business Professionals of America and pledge our loyalty to our nation.” So I need to thank my BPA, and thank my instructor and many others that motivate me and help me. I never thought BPA would help me this much, I knew it would, but now I know that I am ready for the road ahead in school, life, politics, and Business Professionals of America as I go into higher levels. This is a great program and I know it can and will help me, In politics that can be a long, hard, but completely rewarding path.