Armstrong defeats Lyons in District 2


There was a changing of the guard in the Democratic party after Tuesday’s Primary Election in the race for the County Commissioner’s seat in District 2, where challenger Lane Armstrong defeated incumbent Steve Lyons.

Armstrong won by a margin of 21 votes, 468-447, in the closest election of the day.

The challenger won six precincts: Cotton I (57-51); Cotton II (31-16); Pleasant II (22-21); Posey I (38-12); Posey II (53-11); and York (59-37).

Lyons won five precincts: Craig II (30-19); Jefferson I (83-37); Jefferson II (97-90); Jefferson III (50-30); and Pleasant I (19-12).

The closeness of the race was really spotlighted in Craig I precinct, where the two candidates tied at 20-20.


Armstrong will now face off with Republican Jerry Monjar, who was unopposed in the May Primary.

Monjar gathered 872 votes in Tuesday’s primary.