Are we winning?


To the Editor:

(Editor’s Note: The following letter was received by Jenny Burton of Vevay from her friend in Milan. She thought our readers would enjoy it as much as she did.)


Are we on the winning team? It is easy to cheer on the winning team when your team is winning. But are we winning? Is the community, town, state, and country headed in the direction we like. Judges are making laws permitting homosexual marriage, taking the Ten Commandments out of courthouses, taking away parental consent, not protecting our children from child molesters and legalizing abortion. If the judges are the coaches I think they are throwing the game.

Our country was built on Biblical principles. The devil and his disciples have tried and somewhat succeeded in getting some of us to believe that it is not true, but facts and history can be distorted but not changed.

I think it is time that we score some runs. We have power hitters out there, waiting for us to send them up to bat. They are our preachers and priests who teach the Bible and our elected officials who stand up for family values.

We need to read the Bible, support our churches and support our elected officials who believe in family valued. We need to vote the Bible and not be silent. Our future, and more importantly our children’s future, depends on it.

Charles Dunsil