Archery team participates in World Tournament


The Switzerland County High School Archery Team competed in the NASP Worlds Bullseye Tournament on Friday July 21st in Orlando, Florida.

The Team score was 3,170 out of a possible 3,600, which comes out to a 264 average. This score placed the team 52nd out of 69 participating high school teams. This is the fourth straight year for the team to qualify for the Worlds NASP Tournament.

The team was led by Kayla Scranton with a score of 279, followed by: Zach Howlett, 277; Hailey Dornbusch, 273; Garrett Demaree, 273; Devin Harris, 268; Dustin Wallace, 265; Hunter Hines, 264; Allen Jones, 263; Mila Capehart, 256; Ella Thompson, 252; and Jasmine Scudder, 251.

Also: Nathan Scudder, 249; Laura Humphrey, 239; Nathan Scranton, 228; Madison Brabant, 225; Skyler Scudder, 217; Jacob Dickerson, 208; and Jonathan Humphrey, 167.

For some archers this was an end to the 2016-2017 season for another archer it was the last NASP tournament of his career. Devin Harris shot his last NASP Tournament at Worlds. Devin has been an instrumental part of the program since it started four years ago, and he has made an appearance at four NASP Worlds tournaments.