Archery team competes at World NASP competition in Nashville


The Switzerland County Archery team represented the community and well last week at the World NASP Tournament in Nashville, Tennessee.

The competition was held at the Music City Center in Nashville, and there were 4,871 archers from five countries represented – USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Namibia, South Africa.

The Switzerland County Archery team was comprised of top archers representing the Switzerland County Middle and High School teams, and competed in the high school division. The high school division consisted of 78 high school teams from around the world. The Switzerland County team was made up of 11 middle school students and nine high school students.

The Switzerland County team posted a team score of 3,220, which is created by combining the top 12 individual scores. That total is the highest score by a Switzerland County team ever. That score allowed the Pacer team to finish 54th in the high school division.

The Switzerland County Archers were led by Garrett Demaree, who posted a score of 280. That score earned placed him 40th out of 368 in the 8th grade boys division.

Lauren Smith posted a score of 278, which placed her 31st out of 168 11th grade females.

Other archers posting scores counting towards the team score included: Hailey Dornbusch with a 273; Brittany Muench with a 272; Kelsey Kerkhoff with a 268; Collin Bovard with a 268; Caitlyn Staat with a 267; Allen Jones with a 265; Zach Howlett with a 265; Elizabeth DeSonia with a 263; Max Galbreath with a 262; and Brittney Jones with a 259.

Other scores posted included: Devin Harris with a 268; Nathan Scudder with a 257; Kayla Scranton with a 252; Kristen Rose with a 246; Cassidy Muench with a 245; Nathan Scranton with a 230; and Emma Dornbusch with a 226.

It was announced that next years World NASP Tournament is to be held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.